Founder Fitness: Overcoming Burnout and Thriving on the Journey

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Founder Fitness: Overcoming Burnout and Thriving on the Journey

As a founder, business owner or CEO, no matter what the size of your business when you read this, you know the exhilaration of chasing your dreams and achieving ambitious goals.

But let's be real: The entrepreneurial journey can also be mentally and physically demanding. There are days and weeks when burnout seems like an inevitable destination. 

Entrepreneurship (whether it's your business or you're running someone else's) requires determination, dedication and drive over and above anything else.

It is not for the faint hearted and setting up a business and seeing it through is no easy task.

As someone who loves to work hard - I know first hand that 7 day weeks can and are very much the norm if you own a business.  I don't like being judged for my work ethic - as there is a time and place for being in the trenches - however, it's how you do that journey that matters.

There is a critical point;

“To be the CEO of your business, you also need to be the CEO of your life and not cannibalise your wellbeing, your family and your personal mental health to build a business that can't be sustained if you're not in the best shape to run it”.

So, how can you navigate these flat-out days and weeks without pushing yourself to the brink? What do you do when you feel tired, mentally flat and just pretty exhausted?

Change your approach - not just to treat the symptoms but prevent that burn out cycle.

Let's dive into some practical strategies to keep you not just surviving but thriving.   

At the bottom of this blog you can get access to the worksheets etc and proven tools to get you in the driver's seat and manage your personal vital ingredients as well as your professional ones, but first here are 7 checkpoints you can run on repeat:

1. Recognise the Signs. (RSB* The book - Checkpoint One and Two  Survival Mode - Awareness) 

The first step in overcoming burnout is recognising the signs. It's easy to dismiss fatigue, stress, and overwhelm as the cost of success.

However, ignoring these warning signals can lead to a full-blown burnout. Be honest with yourself. Are you experiencing constant fatigue, irritability, or a sense of detachment from your work? 

Recognising these symptoms early is key to preventing burnout.

2. Prioritise Self-Care (RSB Checkpoint Three Accountability)

Self-Care is not a buzz word or an instagram #. It's a vital oxygen mask first success tool that will ensure you can be there for your business and for others with clarity and calm.

Founder fitness begins with self-care. Easy to read - hard to deploy.

Yes, you have a million tasks on your to-do list, but neglecting your well-being is a surefire way to burnout. Incorporate self-care rituals into your daily routine.

Whether it's meditation, a morning jog, or simply enjoying a cup of tea in solitude, these moments of self-care are essential for recharging your mental and physical batteries.

What small micro moments can you add to your day that have you thinking like a pro?

3. Embrace the Power of Delegation (RSB Checkpoint Four - Action) 

One of the common pitfalls for high achievers is the belief that they can do it all.

The truth is, you can't.

Delegating tasks and responsibilities is not a sign of weakness; it's a sign of smart leadership. Surround yourself with a talented team and trust them to share the load. This will free up your mental bandwidth and reduce burnout.

Integrate family into wellbeing time, plan winning weeks® on a Sunday and avoid compartmentalising your time where you are juggling everything and feeling pulled in all directions. 

Yes it takes precision and it's never going to be perfect - but the intent creates a massive shift and then you need to manage your non-negotiables as well. 

4. Set Clear Boundaries (RSB Checkpoint Five  -  The Review and Refine) 

As a driven individual, it's easy to let work spill over into every aspect of your life.

To prevent burnout, set clear boundaries between work and personal time. Allocate specific hours for work, and when those hours are over, switch off and focus on your personal life. 

This separation is vital for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Or what I like to call work/life blend. 

5. Seek Inspiration and Support (RSB Checkpoint Six - Celebrate and Reward) 

Even the most self-motivated individuals need a source of inspiration and support.

Connect with mentors, join peer groups, or attend conferences that align with your goals.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who understand your journey can provide the motivation and encouragement needed to overcome challenges.

Celebrate the small wins, reward for shared challenges that are overcome and allow others to be there for you.  

6. Practice Mindfulness (an everyday tool)

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for managing stress and preventing burnout. My advice is keep it really simple. 

You can practice slowing down and breath concentration just when you’re walking or sitting for a moment.

Instead of trying to do 1 hour of mindfulness, start with what I call mindset snacks - bite size moments you can press reset and re-group. As Dave Goggins calls this, “putting your tools back in the shed”.

Take a few minutes each day to practice mindfulness meditation.

It can help you stay present, reduce anxiety, and improve your decision-making abilities. Remember, a clear mind is essential for sustainable success.

7. Reflect and Adjust (RSB Checkpoint 7 Sustainable Success)

Periodically, take a step back to reflect on your journey. Are you still aligned with your original goals and values?

If not, it may be time to adjust your course. 

Don't be afraid to pivot when necessary. The ability to adapt and evolve is a hallmark of successful founders and leaders.

To sum it all up - the mission is to embrace the journey;  Thriving, Not Just Surviving

In the world of high-performance entrepreneurship, founder fitness is the key to long-term success. Burnout is not a badge of honor; it's a warning sign that you need to recalibrate.  

Every book and course, blog and podcast I do loops back to tools on how to step out of old limiting beliefs of pushing through and step into the driver’s seat where you are running your weeks rather than they run you.

By recognising the signs, prioritising self-care, delegating effectively, setting boundaries, seeking support, practicing mindfulness, and being open to reflection and adjustment, you can ensure that your entrepreneurial journey is one of thriving, not just surviving.

Remember, you are the driving force behind your company's (and your own) success, and taking care of yourself is not only a smart business move but also a fundamental requirement for a fulfilling life.

So, go ahead, embrace these strategies, and keep your mojo alive as you lead your company to new heights.

You are the CEO of your life as well as your business® * From Fitpreneur. Updated edition out now.

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Founder Fitness: Overcoming Burnout and Thriving on the Journey

Nov 01, 2023

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