"It's not that I've slowed down - it's that I've shifted gears completely. Limitless. Not only am I on a whole new level, everything and everyone around me has benefited."

"As a leader I have tons of people around me all the time. I get to travel to amazing places and work with the best. I still felt pretty alone and to be honest, exhausted. This is truly something different. You need to want to know more, to want to do things without all the force and swop that for what Nikki calls "zero gravity". 

Every year I do this retreat now as part of my coaching with Nikki - it's my own 'CEO of my life moment' and it just keeps getting better." James F. 




Book your spot on the next retreat.

We put you in the driver's seat at every retreat. Whether it's career, finance, fitness, family and scaling your life to truly create sustainable success. These retreats are designed to connect with what matters most and create your roadmap for what's next. Q1 2024 Retreats are booked out but get the fastest updates for our next dates by enquiring below. THE MAKEPEACE ISLAND X BOARDROOM RETEAT© IS OPEN FOR BOOKING.



25th edition of the Boardroom Retreat© and we are hosting this at an iconic destination, Makepeace Island. A true reflection of work/life blend.

Arrive by boat to Makepeace, as we meet you at Noosa Marina and whisk your way up the stunning waterways to our private strategic oasis for 4 days and 3 nights of next level thinking in a totally bespoke environment. Enjoy the best of VIP accommodation on our own private island, to dive into our strategic agenda favourites.  Setting yourself up for success before heading back to day to day life. 

Enjoy the iconic agenda and globally renowned expert speakers, all hosted on the heart shaped private Island of Sir Richard Branson and partners  - your home during your stay. Power up thinking and power down with relaxation and fun, in an artfully designed setting with stunning areas on the island to refocus and combine luxury with natures playground. An incredible menu, signature paired wines and cocktails, relaxed workshop style seating and plenty of time to indulge in making yourself a priority. Having the space to clear your mind and time to do the work is essential for radical results. 

Strictly limited places for this all inclusive radical retreat with divine accommodation, a private chef, exceptional activities and next level discussion for 2024 and beyond. 


It’s Time To Be The CEO of your Life as well as your Business©.

With one-on-one guidance and group inspiration, plenty of room to roam as you wish, you'll find a safe place to truly unwind, dig deep and nurture your inner vision, sense of purpose and connection to the now and next. You are your greatest asset. 



Award winning restaurants and accommodation partners make our retreats so exceptional. From Makepeace Island, Restaurants Ricky's, Sails, Bistro C, Locale to Bask Eumundi, The Sofitel Noosa and other waterfront famous boutique stays we have the best lined up. Most of all we are grateful to share an exquisite destination with our CEO's, founders and clients. We honour the traditional landowners past and present for the stunning natural backdrop we have called home to our signature retreats for over a decade.


When's the last time you really defined what great looks like?  Actually made the time to for yourself to disconnect from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul on a whole other level?  This retreat is dedicated to create a truly remarkable space for great leaders to align and put your own oxygen mask on first. 

  • Clear your mind and create space for a fresh perspective and creativity
  • Connect with your wellbeing goals and activities using nature as our gym, resetting your personal goals along side business and family
  • Align your vision with your reality - what we think about we bring about. What's next? 

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before. The ultimate evolution of healthy, wealthy and wise.


We've curated the best of work/life blend in an ultimate mix of luxury meets relaxed. Experience quintessential Noosa with our favourite accommodation partners, restaurants and activities that ensure our days are productive as much as they are magic moments to truly feel VIP and get the break away you deserve.


Our retreats are always grounded in the practical art of mastering sustainable success - effortlessly.  With your own award winning coach on hand, and a select group of individuals who are all there with one simple mission:  To unlock flow rather than force. Use the down time artfully integrated in the day, to actually have peace and quiet or as a taste of adventure if that's your remit. 


Connect with others who share a sense of drive and purpose and still value the unique road less travelled entrepreneurs, founders and leaders take. Learn from global experts on AI, investments, future funds, wellbeing in the workplace and what 'success' really means in today's landscape. Get inspired to refresh your concepts on legacy, leadership and lifestyle with the ability to take ideas away and apply them in your life back at work and home. 


As a founder I love the ability to do something completely exclusive for my clients so I created the Boatboardroom™. We have teamed up with SCF Australia and SeaFox boats to create the best of the ocean, conversation, fishing and using nature as a meeting spot. An extension you can add to any retreat, workshop or even when you book a Legacy Lunch. If you love fishing and learning from the best about sustainability then this is for you. With our retreat concierge, we assist you with additional nights accommodation, helicopter transfers, restaurant recommendations and top class experiences to upgrade your stay while in Noosa and the stunning surrounds of the award winning Sunshine Coast.  Enquire when you book. 


Looking forward, setting goals that align with who you really are means making sure you have the best accommodation to relax in between sessions and get the best recipe for success - a great nights sleep! We are passionate about our locations and creating the ideal flow from inside to outside, plus sunrise to sunset. Our accommodation partners are the best there is in Noosa whether it's the Makepeace Private Island edition or our 1 and 2 day retreats, we ensure you're getting the VIP treatment with a fabulous place to stay and play. Our retreats are always held on the waterfront to soak up what nature has to offer - so everything we book will be easy to get to and a seamless part of your retreat experience. 


We focus on quality over quantity and ensure any retreat length provides extraordinary guidance and the tools to create a road map to the life you’ve always dreamed of. It's not always what we have that counts, it's how we enjoy the journey along the way. Nikki shows you how to be the CEO of your life as well as your business. That means ensuring we use the time we have to it's ultimate capacity and ensure YOU have the space to think, create and calibrate. Come join us in some of our most favourite celebrated Noosa destinations this year - knowing you will be one of just a few per retreat. It's quality not quantity that counts. 


A unique space for great leaders to truly shine.

Founded in 2009 the Boardroom Retreat is designed to bring together a magic agenda of strategic, time to apply to tools, truly inspirational conversation and the space to think, exhale and imagine. To reignite vision, energy, purpose and alignment for founders and CEO's. 

Despite the explosion of retreats worldwide - 2 decades of experience has ensured or Boardroom Retreats© have maintained a truly unique, unmatched experience for our boutique number of guests. As a special anniversary edition I am proud to bring together elements that I love. The incredible backdrop of my Sunshine Coast region and favourite location Noosa, an Antopidian designed retreat space that feels like your own home on an heart shaped island, owned by sir Richard Branson and partners.

A spectacular hand selected location that represents the values and vitality in and out of our business.

Our Boardroom Retreats© each provide the opportunity for leaders in all industries and stages to harness the time spent away to create a roadmap for sustainable success, like never before. Always grounded in the trifecta of healthy, wealthy and wise.

If you are lucky to secure a coveted spot on these curated work/life blend ultimate strategic breaks, then I can guarantee you a deeply relevant, real time and radical value experience. 

From the one day, two day or the anniversary edition three day VIP immersive on Makepeace Island, my commitment to creating an extraordinary place for great leaders to shine is unwavering. I look forward to seeing you in Noosa at one of our globally celebrated and renowned Boardroom Retreats© this year. 

Because you are so worth it!

CEO & Founder Nikki Fogden-Moore

Request Our Retreats Booking Guide 

Each retreat has strictly limited places. To request a call back or a copy of the retreats PDF please contact us below.



Whether you book a one, two or three day Boardroom Retreat© we promise the exact same level of detail and dedication to providing you the very best use of your time and the space to inspire you to unlock the next level in your own sustainable success.

Curated agendas, integrated down time, engaging and amazing activities and guest speakers. Nothing is left without consideration of providing a place that is uniquely required when you are there leading others all the time. Something just for you. Time is priceless. We dine at the best of Noosa's divine restaurants, play in exclusive settings and activities and allow the room to really exhale as much as you find a fresh perspective to define the now and the next. 

Nikki founded the Boardroom Retreat© in Noosa over 10 years ago, and has been running private strategic retreats for clients for decades prior from Europe to the US. It's personal. 


A Message from Nikki.

"You are your greatest asset. Stress, burnout and overwhelm are not the bi-products of success".

2004 is when I founded and hosted my first wellbeing and strategy retreat in Spain at The Kempinski Hotel, for a small group of intelligent, charismatic and kind hearted clients who wanted to do their best in this world and live their potential. Fitness, nutrition, mindset and productivity were the 4 pillars. I called it the Bodibreak©. 

Fast forward 19 years later, 2 decades of coaching and retreats - I get to welcome more likeminded radical people to the evolution of that original retreat with exactly the same mission in mind. To fast track self leadership, a sense of deep confidence and unlock even more of the individual talents for those who lead our companies and our communities. 

Over the years the foundations of my retreats has remained firmly grounded in a true purpose to support leaders in life - those who spend their days creating, building businesses and communities, delivering and supporting so many others. Through a combination of one-on-one coaching, group discussions, and experiential activities, participants learn practical tools and strategies for improving their health, relationships, and productivity, both in and out of the workplace.

Our retreats are aligned with purpose and values of vitality, innovation, sustainability and connection. An ideal synergy with our HQ Noosa on the stunning Sunshine Coast of Australia. Look forward to seeing you here!


"Nikki's dedication to keeping these retreats small in numbers but big in the goals we seek to get done during those days is fantastic. I enjoyed the luxury element but super relaxed atmosphere." 

Paul & Sarah, Co-Founders Tech and Finance

"Nikki's energy is addictive but her passion for making sure you get a tailored plan and really make the best version of life and work a possibility is totally authentic."

Brett, Sales Director


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right retreat for you: Please enquire about our retreat concierge service for all bookings. Book the one day exclusive BoatBoardroom® retreat or add it on to any of the others as an optional upgrade to your ultimate experience.



JULY 25-28th on MakePeace Island

$10,997pp all inc

3 Payments of $3665 25th Anniversary Edition All Inclusive AUD

  • 4 Full exclusive days of coaching and group strategic sessions on the private Makepeace Island
  • All meals as prepared by multi-award winning chef Zeb Gilbert, pared wines and signature cocktails
  • All non alcoholic drinks and refreshments
  • Pre retreat strategic checklist & concierge service
  • 30 Day post retreat follow up
  • All resources and worksheets
  • Expert globally inspiring guest speakers and curated agenda
  • An all day top class menu, signature drinks and VIP party on the final evening
  • MCY to Noosa return transfers and parking onsite at our waterfront location
  • Noosa Marina to Makepeace Island by VIP private boat transfers
  • 4 Days, 3 nights 5 star accommodation on the iconic private Makepeace island
  • All facilities during your stay, including the 500,000 litre pool, 15-seater spa, tennis court, gymnasium, walking trails, paddle boards and kayaks
  • Optional upgrades are available once your booking is confirmed for additional nights accommodation in Noosa, helicopter transfers, the BoatBoardroom©  upgrade and more
  • VIP Exclusive welcome gift  specifically designed as the 25th Anniversary Edition retreat
For private & corporate bookings outside of these dates please contact us.

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Each retreat has strictly limited places. To request a call back or a copy of the retreats PDF please contact us below.


"I use the strategies I learned with Nikki daily. They help me show up for myself, my business and my family in incredible ways. She's like a Yoda in your back pocket. Highly recommend this for any founder or CEO."

Carlie Silva, Founder

"I love the live realtime deep dive sessions included in the retreat and the fact I actually walk away with a plan done during this time is of a huge benefit! Being able to put what I learned into practice right away was a powerful shift."

Andrew Tate CEO 

Don't miss out! You are your greatest asset.

We have strictly limited places on purpose for each retreat. Whether it's the 1, 2 or 3 day experience a quality and focused time away with a boutique size group means booking early is essential. 

Enquire now for the 2024 booking guide

Get in touch today to receive a call back and the full PDF for our Boardroom Retreats® and IGNITE programs. 


Each of the Boardroom Retreats© is carefully curated by Nikki bases on the attendees. We adhere to our boutique style in regards to maintaining limited places available and maximum quality experience for radical results. To aid your booking and secure a place please see any FAQ's below. 

We are proudly based on The Sunshine Coast, Queensland since 2009. We acknowledge the Kabi Kabi people and the Jinibara people, the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, work and learn. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We respect and acknowledge the ongoing connection that Aboriginal people have to this land as original custodians.