TMM147 How To Master Winning Weeks

podcast time management winning weeks Jul 09, 2021

How to stop overwhelm and master Winning Weeks©

How to be truly productive design the week you love 

Master Work/Life Blend and stop overwhelm – design the week you need and want with my 5 Elements Of A Winning Week© – also a DOING chapter in the book FITPRENEUR.

How to create winning weeks and be present.

We are all busy and have a million and one things to do in life and work – master work/life blend rather than trying to balance it all and get organised with a simplified approach and a serious commitment to self and the discipline to plan all elements not just work meetings or school drop offs.

There are so many elements outside of our control. It’s what we do with our week and how we look at things that counts.


Buy the book and use code MOJO30 for 30% discount with thanks to support you getting into the driver’s seat of life.

Master Work/Life Blend, stop overwhelm – and design the week you love.


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