World Innovation Day - 3 ways to innovate your day!

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World Innovation Day - 3 ways to innovate your day! 

It's world Innovation Day on Feb 16th. I love this. Particularly as I believe we are all pioneers and have so much to contribute - it just takes us to step out into our own lane every now and then and trust our crazy ideas.

If you want a radical tip - innovate how you run your mindset. Put a radical new approach into play that actively nurtures new ideas, doing things differently and harnessing the present.

3 ways to innovate your day! 

1. Don't look back - what can you do differently this week you have never done before but always talk about doing -i.e it may be getting up earlier to exercise. Planning time to write your new book, design a new project?

2. Face your fears. Lean in: if it's money, love, health or an emotional hurdle - dive right in and educate yourself rather than avoid the topic. How can you look at this differently and replace fear with curiosity.

3. Replace being tired with actively energised. Innovate your personal wellbeing routine so that it's an integration of your day rather than a chore. I'm pretty chuffed to find out I have the same approach to healthy daily habits (albeit a different scale) to one of the fittest men in the world @deankarnazes

- Ultra marathon runner and radical human Dean doesn't sit during waking hours, does HIIT interval training during the day between meetings and builds his life around movement.

Whilst I can't say I follow the exact regime - I also have a stand, move, mini session integration throughout my day as this is provides essential oxygenation for by body and brain.

My office and home are set up around wellbeing moments. Rather than wellbeing being a chore. How can you innovate your day and wellbeing activities?

So happy #innovationday.

Here's a little reminder that you too can innovate in your own life to get radical results for vitality, energy and a healthy mindset no matter what is going on in this crazy world of ours.

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