5 tips for Radical Energy, Vitality and Focus

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My personal 5 tips for Radical Energy, Vitality and Focus

When I wrote this Mojo it was 8:59pm here and was still in the office, Roxy the lab snoring beside me. I am pretty tired but in a good way, if that makes sense.

I am in awe of each day at the moment. The absolute ripple effect of putting the work we do into practice. That also means what I do myself to stay in flow even in the most challenging of times.

Guaranteed right now we all have something to complain about I am sure.

I say - whatever is happening around us the VERY thing we need to be realising is that the sheer fact we are reading this in the comfort of our own phone, laptop, tablet or whatever. At home or the cafe, at work or whatever... We are still INCREDIBLY lucky. 

Before you have a go at me and mutter:

"It's easy for you to say"

"You don't know what I have gone through"

"No one understands"

I want to say this - I know EVERYONE is suffering from the past 3 years effects on so many different levels. 

I hear you, I see you. I work hard on making sure that no matter WHAT I show up in my day and choose to find a way to see the flow rather than the force.

It is my job to share that with others. That radical realness.

Not in a whimsical way. But a grounded, factual, you can DO this step by step facts and stats re-frame and retrain whatever you need way.

That is my mission with these blogs and the Monday Mojo© tribe - to write for you in a way that I truly hope you take away at least one nugget of information, inspiration or an immediate tool you can deploy into your own world. 

Do not wait for perfection.

Do not wait for permission.

If anyone reading this watched the recent Australian Open then I am sure you will share in the sentiment that two of the most incredible, hard working, humble and talented humans earned those winning trophies.

Ash Barty and Rafa Nadal. 

There is a lot to be taken from hearing top sportspeople who share the praise and give gratitude for the journey. Hard work is one thing - mindset is the place where true heroes are made.

We may not all be pro tennis players - but we can be pro's in our own life.

1. Physical awareness and treating our bodies with respect

2. Mental Acuity, education on key areas of adulting life, skills and value

3. Relationships, healthy and conscious communication -team work and partnerships built from trust and collaboration.

4. Fun, focus, play and celebration - no matter what age and level. 

I know life is stressful. I know there are so many limitations and restrictions and uncertainty. 

BUT - there is also so much opportunity, possibility and purpose.

I wrote today on my social media that at times I struggle with the loss of my father, of not being able to there and now not able to visit my mum in NZ.

I also shared that it's triple heartbreaking to me right now that I can't be there for his memorial shortly - the one thing I thought I could get to.

However - I know I am not alone in all of this and so many for centuries have missed major life moments due to pandemics, wars and rebellions.

It is not what happens to us but how we approach it that counts.

Below are my 5 tips on finding radical energy and focus even during the most challenging of times. 

Our mindset is THE most powerful tool that we can control and work on. I hope these tips help you find your way to fun, vitality and flow even when it's tough - you're tougher! 

Show up for yourself.

Put the work in.

The results are radical and I am here if you need an extra pep talk or have questions...

Stay real,







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