Why Your Happiness is Your #1 Purpose

happiness live potential radical reminders video Oct 28, 2022

Why Your Happiness is Your #1 Purpose and how that unlocks everything else...

Struggling to be like “everyone else” have have a burning sense of “purpose”? 

Working with teams on culture and engagement we often work through the real pressure people are facing to 'have it all figured out' or even finding it difficult to explain what great looks like. A fear of finite and what if I don't know what I want or my 'mission is'?

Here's a raw and live video from this mornings walk with Roxy on why happiness is actually a crucial first step - as this will unlock your super powers for everything else.

a) There's a ton of pressure on people to know what they want and 'who they are' with a sense of purpose.

b) Take the pressure off yourself and focus on what really matters.

c) Being present will enable you to see, feel and trust what’s next. It is not age, title or gender specific this is something we need to do for ourselves to form strong foundations and make conscious decisions...

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