How to plan winning weeks© like a pro

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My fav time management hack - how to plan winning weeks© like a pro.

Feeling a bit time poor and each week is just racing by? I hear you! Story of my life.

Fact: The one thing we can't make more of is TIME.

OpportunityGetting truly focused on what matters and putting some simple things in place to use your time as wisely as you can.

I still use a very old radical habit to make sure I feel grounded, no matter how crazy the schedule and the last minute things that pop up and I wanted to share that with you today...

I have used this concept for over a decade and coach with it ALL the time. It's pretty much in all my books and courses and is part of the frameworks for both personal and corporate programs...Taking the time to plan your Winning Week©.

It is a productive, tried and tested radical habit that doesn't need an app, a digital device or a fancy system. It just needs you to sit down, take 5mins, grab a pen and paper and work ON the week ahead.

There are so many tools around but this one is about getting back to basics and you don't need a fancy diary - write it on the back of a piece of paper, put it on your white board.... but keep it front of mind and in view so you can refer to it often and use it when you do the next weeks planning. 

So, why don't radical simple habits work?

  • When they are not applied consistently
  • When they are over complicated
  • When we don't make time for them
  • When we want things to change but aren't prepared to test out a tool for enough time to see if it actually works

When DO radical habits work?

  • When we make time for them
  • When we keep it simple
  • When we have self discipline to follow through and work ON our lives instead of just managing our way through them
  • When we are prepared to apply knowledge in a way that resonates

"Winners don't wing it". Fitpreneur

My challenge to you is to try doing this for the next 4 weeks:

a) On a Sunday write out the main aspects of your week ahead you HAVE to get done, pay attention to or plan in your diary. (you can do this now if you like or this evening for the week ahead or rest of this one)

b) Include personal and professional. There is a wheel of life in which all elements need to be thought of in a day and its not just admin and work tasks.

  1. ME TIME

c) Where do all the must do's sit in your week ahead? Sit down with your partner or spouse and compare where do you share the workload, chores and responsibilities based on agendas this week. From school drop offs to meals, meetings and time at the gym it all adds up.

Place actual tasks, appointments and time slots including travel into your digital agenda and soon you will see the actual capacity you need to run your week like a pro.

d) do this every Sunday for 4 weeks

e) Complete 4 of these, apply them to your weeks, use it for reference and then let me know how you get on.

When won't it work? When you don't do it regularly or you make it too formal and don't put pen to give it a go:

If we spent more time planning both personal and professional lives and responsibilities, with a considered view each week, we could reduce the stress of having to think about everything, wing our way through the week and lose masses amounts of time trying to juggle work/life balance and manage all the tasks and to do's in our head.

"Winning weeks create masterful months and remarkable years. Work/Life blend". 

PS: If you can honestly say that you have read the chapters, done the modules, listened to the podcasts or tried to do this with purpose for 4 weeks properly in a row and it hasn't shown you some radical results then please email me and let me know - I'd love to help you crack the productivity challenge.

No two days are the same for me, but I have structure and I make sure I create the time to look ahead at the week before it runs me.

I hope the Winning Weeks formula will help you as well. It doesn't have to be perfect, you just have to give it a go. 

Scroll down to get the free worksheet.

Thanks for reading, watch the LIVE video from today on this when you scroll down.

Stay radical, keep it simple and don't avoid the basic habits like planning your winning weeks. 

I know you are probably looking after a bunch of other people in your life, but you matter too.




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