Why Healthy Group Activities Boost Long Term Happiness

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Why Healthy Group Activities Boost Long Term Happiness

Social versus solo self care. A little bit of both is probably the best option...

As I wrote this blog for my Monday Mojo© tribe I thought - can you believe we are almost mid April and Easter is here?


More the reason to take stock of some life and work strategies that will have you building solid foundations for sustainable success and short cutting the "hustle at any cost" mentality. Those days are over - that is not the recipe for success. 

The good news is there is so much more awareness around self care at present. I would like to elevate this concept one step further and give you a 'facts and stats'.

That we as human beings - need quality, fun and healthy interaction with others, in person,  whether we realise it or not. 

"If you want to give a little boost to your life satisfaction a year from now, you may want to try socially-focused strategies over strategies that involve nonsocial pursuits", according to research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.  

This means

  • Not behind a screen
  • Yes, in person
  • Side by side as part of a team/group (even if the element is individual performance)
  • DOING something
  • Sharing an experience
  • Being a part of a group
  • Doing something you enjoy, with people you like.

Solo self care has become a core and crucial element of surviving lock down and building a better state of wellbeing and mental health as an individual. As I always say - "oxygen mask on first".

However - play on purpose as part of a collective,  is a core and vital foundation for long term happiness and wellbeing.  

Partaking in group activities creates an enormous boost to our mental and physical wellbeing. 

This could be anything from team sports like footy to darts, crochet to surfing, sailing to fishing, cycling, table tennis to hiking! Whatever floats your boat.

The key ingredient is inclusion in a group activity, active participation with a shared joy factor.

Sports and hobby clubs are the backbone of our communities. They form an important tapestry that supersedes religion, age, gender, job title or income. When you bond over the love of an event or game together - everyone is equal on the field, track, local hall. RSL,  or the ocean.

One of the best conversations I had last week was with one of the guys I played polo with over the last year. He's a Dad of 2 gorgeous kids, his wife works as well and they lead a busy life.  We were chatting about a sense of family and like-mindedness with the people we all practice, train and play with. All levels from beginners like me to Polo pro's.

He said - "for me I have had the best year mental health wise ever - I go home to my family happy, fulfilled, I am fitter, stronger and just feel great when I rock up for a couple of hours and see everyone there - it puts a smile on my face all week. Also when they come down to watch on the weekends - and we are all hanging out, cheering on. That has been a great feeling." 

We know we can all survive on our own. But that's not the point. We are not supposed to be 'surviving' in this world. We should be thriving, regardless of what is going on around us.

We are pack animals - technology may have gotten smarter but are we losing our common sense, our ability to truly connect and collaborate and amplify and learn by doing.

  • You can't play football with Siri, reel a fish in with your AI robotic mate Max, play chess with your computer and truly tell me you feel fulfilled on a cellular level?

As Stephen Hawking famously said "we have entered the century of complexity"...

  • Therefore it is radically important that we get back to basics now and ensure on a heart and physical level we are connecting one-one, in groups and sharing and creating experiences.

Our longevity, wellbeing and wisdom depends on it. 

If you haven't read the intro to my book Radical Self Belief please do so. (I've put a free download link in this email as you read on).

This is a 'not so gentle' reminder to not isolate any further.

  • Time to dust off that tennis racket, those footy boots, running shoes, a book club idea, a painting passion and go join a group.
  • Put your "I used to be good at this" or "I have never done this before" ego aside.
  • Celebrate, create and collaborate.
  • Nothing levels out all the issues in life more than when you can come together over a common sport or activity that transports you to the precise moment of needing to be here and now.

My advice is to use this as an opportunity to try new things. 

  • To build in a movement-based activity that will keep you physically agile as well as mentally connected.

I fit a LOT into my week, but the activities like tennis, polo, fishing or even a mini group workout from my garage with a bunch of us - lights me up. 

Those moments require my focus, phones off, lots of laughs as well as the challenge of my own personal sense of competition with myself. This boosts my happiness factor.

Play on purpose. Join in. 

  • If you would like to read the first chapter of Radical Self Belief for free please Click here to Download now. It might just give you an extra insight to take a leap of faith and get out to join a group.
  • If you just want a signed copy of the book (just restocked) click here or to actually be radical enough to jump on for lifetime access of the awesome book and course bundle click here.

As always - don't let life pass you by.

There will always be a to do list for business and home - but to be healthy, wealthy and wise - we need to have work life BLEND. 

Get amongst it. You might be surprised where a new team sport or hobby leads you. 

Yours in Mojo



PS: Would love to hear your stories of how you move, workout and connect via sports or groups that gives you that extra mojo. 


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