It's what we do not what we say that matters

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It's What We Do Not What We Say That Matters Most


For this weeks Mojo I would love to do 2 things:

1. Let you know that each and everyone of you are so much a part of the future of this world by your self leadership and actions, more than you could ever imagine. 

Your impact is based on your actions  - starting with how you treat yourself and then the closest around you. Leadership is what we all do - whether we have a "title" or not.

 - What we do reflects our values, who we are and what we stand for.

 - What we say is far less impactful. It may have short term influence - but there is nothing more impactful that someones actions in their day to day world. If you cannot follow through, stop making empty promises or tell people what they want to hear. Less talk. More action. 

2. The second thing I wanted to share was we are ALL a work in progress, an evolution. We don't always get it right but that's not the point. We should 'fail' a few times (or many times)  - that's ok as that's how we learn. 

In agreeing to work on uncovering our own spirit, vision, creativity, drive or interest and intellect - we have accepted the most important mission of all. 

The undeniable privilege of being alive and free to make our own decisions and impact.

We are all navigating our way through life, learning, making mistakes, stuffing up - yet most importantly not repeating them and pivoting to become more aligned and less apologetic about bringing ALL of yourself into each day.

  • My mission is to not be an ethical bystander, and that means in my own life.
  • Instead to focus on doing my best for what great can be for me and those I work with and support, rather than spending time complaining about how "this is just what we should expect". No to negative talk or blaming of situations. Yes to what we can do to be the change we actually want to see.

As I said the other week, to conform is to constrict. 

The more we sit and talk about what is wrong, the less we are up and creating a better version of what could go right. 

It's what we do when no one is watching that really shows who we are.  To not need the vanity numbers but to let your work and intent speak for itself. 

  • What is YOUR idea of success and happiness? Does this need a refresh?
  • What can you put your time into rather than focusing on what is 'wrong' with the world. 

"I deeply care that we, as individuals, feel empowered and connected to know our value, unlock our skills and truly contribute in a way like never before. This is where we create a revolution of self leadership and vision, in our own backyard, that has a ripple effect and positive impact for generations to come". 

I hope any of the content here, tips and tools can assist you in feeling inspired and empowered to champion in your own world, take care of your side of the street and become the very best version of sustainable success.


Here's a little old video express session on how to stop procrastinating and take action in life


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