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How are you?

10 being fantastic - 1 being SOS 🆘. Drop a reply as this is a fabulous community here and there is plenty of Mojo to share if you need it.  

Here's today Mojo - let's dive in:

We have all got a certain degree of experience with the power of manifestation, a deep knowledge (whether we want to admit it or not) that our thoughts expand into our reality.

This week I am going to remind you that being ALL IN on this concept is extremely powerful. 

We can't say we understand we are connected to 'the power of positive thinking' and 'growth mindset' and then only choose that when it suits us.  That is like calling yourself vegan but having meat once a week.

So, which is it? Have you ever truly practiced growth and positive mindfulness on purpose? Consistently? Not just for a few days, but with real conviction? 

For me the power of neuroscience and quantum thinking underpins all my work. We know that at ANY given moment, with focus and intent, we have the absolute ability to reframe our thoughts, changing the perspective of a circumstance we find ourselves in. 

"The reality is, our thoughts are like any other muscle - what we flex the most grows the strongest"

Observe yourself - what are you constantly telling yourself and others? The majority of the time? Are you staying in 'catastrophe' or making a conscious choice to allow the possibility of something good instead. 

👉🏻 We can't always control our first thought, or what I refer to as "default setting" from past programs and experiences.


👉🏻 We can however, with practice PURPOSEFULLY choose our next thought.


It can take you from "a holy sh*t" (fear) to an, "ohh that's interesting" (curiosity). A helpful episode on how to do this is " Thought Tinder".

So, you need still evidence? 

Of all the high performance coaching I have been involved in or people I've been around they all have one thing in common. The way they approach their mindset.  Even from the very young age of 14 when radical US National Ski Hall of Fame skier, Glen Plake  would drop into the ski shop I worked at on the school holidays (I am pretty sure I remember ironing his mohawk with ski wax once...) there was radical sense of self belief and also a mention of "keeping focused".

The characteristics of those who are loving life and achieving were based around the quality of their mindset. 

They are ON purpose. Not with just a vision board and a few ideas - but they are radically focused. Fully aware of the conversations they have with others and themselves. Yes everyone has tough days and roadblocks and obstacles, but it's about what happens when that occurs.

Radical awareness of self talk. It is knowing that no one else can shift that for you. 

Think about all the people you watch, read about or observe as leading in their life. From athletes, to actors, visionary leaders to even those friends you have around you who keep creating and designing lives they love. 

  • They work on their mentality just as much as any other aspect.
  • They train their brain to be grounded in self belief and getting out of self doubt and judgement at any given moment. Like a secret weapon. 

Ultimately you can make all the goals you want - but my question to you today is - how is your mental approach?  

Are you being impeccable with your thoughts - not just on the surface but the underlying conversation you have with yourself. That is where the most important relationship sits. 

  • Identify what aspects of your life and landscape you cannot change. Accept them. Complaining and comparing won't serve you. At some point you need to work with what you have got and build from there. I am never diminishing anyones circumstances, but I am encouraging you to define who you are not let a situation do that. 
  • Define the aspects of your life and work you would love to create and experience. Start integrating those. Slowly look at how you can add elements of what you want into where you are now. Small steps build solid foundations.
  • 10/90 Rule. Acknowledge the moment/crap/experience/roadblock. Then spend the majority of your time focusing on how you can build a better outcome or reframe the now and the next. 

No one else can do this for you. It's confronting when we realise the only person who is holding us back, is really ourselves. 

It takes radical self discipline. With radical rewards. I know it is tough. However it really is worth it.  Once you start practicing this on purpose (not sort of) you will see and feel the shift.  

  • It can take great courage to move out of the comfort zone of things that have gone wrong and avoidant thinking - as we are often trained to stay "safe" and protect from the past. However when you do start stepping up and owning your thoughts and your focus you will bridge the gap between now and your future in a much better way. 
  • It's a quiet process. A personal one. Take your time. Life is an EVOLUTION, not a resolution. 

Observe your conversations with self and with others. Water the positive not the problems.

So now what?

Give it a go for 7 days in a row.

  • Consciously seeing that negative thought - but swiping right to replace that with what you DO want instead.  Without exception. Like practicing a new golf swing, or casting in fishing, repetition is key.

There is no judgement as this is your own journey - but there is a ton of support here when you start flexing a change in mindset to get in the driver's seat of your life - no matter what has got you to this point. 

Thank you for being part of something super special. 

I wish you the most radical week.  

Nikki ⚡️  


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