TVC089 DYI Life with Alys Ffion

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TVC 089 DYI Life Alys Ffion

Talking design a life you love, courage to follow your dreams and the dedication required to make it happen with Australian Country Music/Pop singer, songwriter Alys Ffion. 

We are all leaders in life and age doesn't define that. Attitude does.

In this episode I talk to softly spoken, yet very determined 22 year old singer/songwriter Alys Ffion -  on starting her dream career at 14, choosing to be authentic in a cluttered industry and signing her first deal.

From being told by her careers advisor that being a musician is not a real job,  finding her voice and the importance of having a sense of self belief above all else.  Alys describes herself as "a kid of divorce", born in New South Wales and raised in tropical Australia. She dropped out of high school and ran away at sixteen.

"At age five, the discovery of MTV inspired relentless begging for a guitar of my own. After the first night of singing at the top of my lungs and strumming my crappy nylon string.. I was hooked! 

I started traveling the world with her songs, my Martin guitar and a dream in my heart.

DYI Life

After many journeys back and forth across the Pacific and she's found her home in Nashville Tennessee. Now 22, living alone in a big city and trying to navigate ‘adulting’.   "having the time of her life"

We sat together just before she headed off to Nashville early this year to record for a new album. Quietly spoken she gives her younger self and others starting out the advice to be daring, have faith and above all else -  be yourself. 

Alys reflects on her journey to play music with a deep conviction for her own sound, wellness for her work and why never to give up.

I'll be posting the video snapshots from this interview as well as a little piece to camera Alys made with one of her new songs. 

Follow Alys on Twitter  and her journey on Instagram 

Hope you enjoy!

Yours in Mojo 



Note this is one of those podcast episodes that was done on the fly so stay tuned as we work our audio levels to the best possible in our new episodes, with thanks to some awesome listeners for always tuning in and giving great feedback on that. 



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