TVC069 From Stressed To Success

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TVC069 Stressed To Success. 

Overspent and undernourished?

What to do when you're stressed, finances, energy and your mental hard drive is depleted.

This podcast topic came via some of you who wrote in and asked how, when I coach with my clients, how we can so quickly get them feeling back in control and having a clear road map.

Predominantly many of you said most of your stress always came back to being worried about finances and money.

You're not alone. So let me help you fast track from chaos to calm.

It doesn't matter how experienced we are, there are many, many paths that lead us down the road to financial fear, as an entrepreneur, as a CEO, as a small business owner, or just someone that's trying to make ends meet. 


In this episode I help you assess what's keeping you awake at night and assign tasks to regain your feeling of confidence and control.


First up I want to share with you a little story. I've got a really wonderful client, extremely intelligent and driven, he runs fantastic companies. On the surface it was all mega amazing. Underneath there was fear, panic, anxiety and bucket loads of stress. 

Every morning the first thing he would think about was worry and concern about finances, about staff, about business, about clients, about all sorts of issues. As soon as he woke up.

  • The first thought in the morning was a stressful thought.

It wasn't about being alive, abundance, gratitude, opportunity, wisdom and experience. "John" went to sleep at night and woke up in the morning with exactly the same feeling of chaos, anxiety and feeling out of control. 


 What happens when we are in this phase/state of internal chaos?

  1. You're not making great decisions because everything is derived from fear and a thought of 'lacking things' time, money, ideas, support
  2. You're no longer bringing your personality into your decision making  - you're being robotic and not connected
  3. You're no longer tapping into your experience with a sense of calm to decision making and navigating your way through the week.
  4. The smallest elements can throw you off track
  5. You're not enjoying the journey anymore


When you're really in survival mode, where you're just putting one foot in front of the other, life is where your agenda rules you, you're putting out fires and just keeping your head above water -  you're really not 'in charge' anymore.


I call this  "survival status" - the pointy start end of the Chaos To Calm model. A model I've been using for coaching and workshops for over 10 years - how to assess where you are and make a game plan for getting back in control.


So how can you make the simple steps to get back in the driver seat? Here are my top tips to replenish your personal and commercial vitality and take stock of whats really going on:

  1. Assess
  2. Select
  3. Assign
  4. Implement

Step 1: Assess where you are right now

It's time to press pause and take yourself out of survival mode, into awareness mode about where you're sitting with your finances, your business, your concern, so we can start doing some actions and create some tasks around it that will have you feeling back in control.

Stress 101: Grab a sheet of paper and write down every single issue, every single worry, concern, roadblock, procrastination barrier, negative thought, write everything down, and really brained dumped on what I call the "crap sheet."

  • For example: Survival mode is when it feels like nothing is clear, working out or you're not making any headway in work or life - for some of you, it's even further off the scale than that. It feels like you've just lost control of everything and it's really like wading through mud. You're not sleeping, energy levels are down and you're running on anxiety.
  • Lack of purpose and direction and an ability to achieve milestones on a small level
  • Loss of confidence, our ability to deal with issues as they come up and our ability to lead in business and in life.
  • You could be feeling OK but like things could spiral out of control any minute?


Step 2. Select (Pick) the areas of most concern

What is so crucial to you at the moment. The red flags. The elements that are part of your day to day and future operations that really need your attention. What do you HAVE to do. 

Circle the ones that are VITAL and the most urgent/important of all.


Step 3: Act and Assign

On the right hand side of this sheet next to the circled vital points, assign an immediate task to each of those things, to every single one of them. It could be talk to accountant, book an hour in agenda to review, make a strategy checklist, ask a staff member, delegate the task or chase for more info.

In this phase remember who do you need to communicate with and to. Understand and acknowledge the blend of home and work; it is just about how you communicate to your family as much as it is how you communicate to your teams.

What happens is a lot of those things you thought were stressful end up being not really relevant anymore. When you look at something on paper versus a story in your head. This is crucial. Facts and stats. Not stories and assumptions.


Step 4: Review and Implement your list.

Get into planning WINNING WEEKS. Every week to get back into ensuring you stay focused and on top of the areas that are truly important. Run your personal life as well as your business life with the same amount of thought and consideration. + your health is also your wealth. 

It doesn't matter what your start point is.What matters is what happens going forward and how you're going to reshape the experiences.

  • If finances is one of the things at the top of your list at the moment, I would suggest you really actually find out where's your money going, where does it need to be going, and where can you make some concerted effort adjustments.
  • If your team and your staff are worrying you, figure out what specifically is going on, not just the overriding feeling of stress, but what are the key areas? Are they not respecting leadership? Are they not pushing information up and leading up within the organisation? Are they disengaged and unmotivated?

Identify the real issues around the staff worries that you have and be really specific. If it's just one or two people, assign some catch ups or get some good advice on what to do next.


Stuck in the stressed cycle?  Here's my personal mantra




Think like a CEO, what's going to be the best outcome? What's the bigger picture?

How you can you deal with this properly, with a clear head and an overview approach?

Plan like a visionary. Don't just think one step in advance, but what do you need to be doing for the next 90 days that's going to make you much more efficient, better at performance, bring your team on board, get your family on board if that's where the roadblocks are as well, and help you use your time more effectively?

Act like a buddha - don't react. Most importantly give yourself some peace, space and some time for your mind and body rest and re-set. Avoid fear driven actions. Stay calm, centred and operate with a step by step approach.  

On a final note: Make time for sleep: It's your secret weapon.

When we're going through times of undernourishment, mentally, financially, stress-wise at work or in family, we find that our sleep patterns aren't as good. Don't keep working through 'til 1 or 2 am. 

Rather, set your work aside at a reasonable hour, turn off your digital devices, switch off, read a different book, spend time with family. Stressed to success means balancing personal energy as well as professional. 


Chance are you're a smart, savvy, intelligent person, otherwise you wouldn't be listening to this podcast (yup).  So have a little faith in yourself and take the time to be clear on where you need help. All leaders have those who help them be their personal and commercial best. Don't shy away from finding your dream team or the right support.

Inspired? feel free to go back through some of the other podcasts on my show. There's so much here about awareness, finding your dream team, the 90 day plan and so much more. Tap into those resources, or feel free to reach out Email me. I'm happy to answer any questions or send me a message on Facebook

With Ultimate Vitality as always,  and I hope this episode has been of some help, 

Your mojo maker, 



PS: If you'd like a copy of the model/worksheet then leave a note below or make sure you're signed up to my Monday Mojo as it will be shared there for you to download. 






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