TMM145 Stop Self Sabotage

self sabotage May 17, 2021

TMM145 How To Stop Self Sabotage

Here's a little 10min express session for Mojo Making ▶️ How can you stop sabotaging your business goals and your happiness, your love or your health:

1. Stop Self Sabotage By Being On Purpose

  • Focus on the positive
  • Be aware of your ego versus your intuition.
  • Practice RADICAL Self Belief
  • Be clear on what is truly important to you - know what you value the most and set clear boundaries
  • Be super conscious of your words - What we speak about we think about - every minute you spend talking about what went wrong or what might go wrong you’re stopping yourself from being in the right now reality.

2. Stop Self Sabotage By Focusing Forward

The past is not an excuse to prevent possibilities in your future.

Don't let old baggage keep you weighed down - this is where we need to replace FEAR with CURIOSITY. Have a little listen to the Leap of Faith episode on what that means and how to do it.


Remember hanging on to what we know even if it is uncomfortable is usually due to lack of faith and belief in ourselves and our own decision making. If you still need to validate your fear because of what went wrong before then you are consciously choosing to stay stuck in that story. You won't always get evidence of the future - but thats where we need to be bold and back ourselves. Follow your heart it always knows the way.

3. Stop Self Sabotage By Leading By Example

Words have wings so speak good things to yourself as well as others. If you are challenged putting your own goals and needs first then remind yourself of someone or a group of people that is imperative to inspire to live their truth and deliver their best work with enjoyment and passion. This could be thinking about leading by example for your family, your co-workers or your employees. Leadings walk the talk. Find focus by ensuring you are practicing what you would consider to be authentic, courageous leadership in your own life and doing the right thing.

Finally - remember you are worth it. Being of value is an inside job. You deserve the best, expect, embody it and believe in yourself.

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