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TMM144 How To Recover From Making Mistakes

recovery Apr 26, 2021

How to recover from mistakes and allow others to recover from theirs.

Why it's crucial to have humility and grace when we make a mistake - and allow others to rectify and be there to improve. Making a mistake is part of life. Repeating it knowingly is a completely different matter altogether.
Episode 144 on The Mojo Maker podcast and here on YouTube here's how you can be proud to recover from mistakes and allow others to rectify and learn from theirs as well.

Why should you value your mistakes?

In this video I talk about the VALUE of making mistakes and what to do when you do make a mistake. The only problem you have when you make a mistake is if you keep repeating it! - There’s been a real concern recently with businesses.

- We HAVE to learn how to forgive and to move on when you make a mistake.

Own it, acknowledge, learn and lean in. Ask yourself, “How can I rectify it?” “How can I do things differently?” “How can I apologise?” “What can we do to make sure we never make that mistake again?”

We’re so quick to cut ourselves down and cut others down. Giving yourself or other people the chance to learn from mistakes.

Give people the opportunity to own up to themselves and speak their truths. If they don't at least you created the option and then the rest is up to them.

- By not creating a safe place to stuff up at least once we create all this does is create more of a fear based society where our children, friends, and colleagues won't put their hand up early enough.

If we try to avoid making mistakes and trying something new, it’s like we’re on autopilot. Not every mistake has a bad intent. Sometimes it’s an honest slip up - i.e we don’t have the experience, we don’t know the right questions to ask, accidents happen, there is only a problem when people continue to make the same mistake and refuse to change. Give yourself a break.

1. Take the time to learn about mistakes. Making mistakes is not a negative failure.

2. We need to give people and businesses a chance to own up to their mistakes If they’re willingly coming forward with good intent. How to forgive yourself for past mistakes? It’s about being able to recognise you made a mistake and have that intent to fix it and find a solution.

How to recover from mistakes and allow others to recover from theirs?

Stand in your truth and take action and fix that mistake. Lastly, don’t beat yourself up! We make mistakes and we learn from them, THAT’S how we build our experiences. You can’t please everyone. You’re not going to be perfect. - It’s progress not perfection that matters.

Own up to it and try and make it right. Stay healthy, wealthy, and wise please don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe. If you would like the editable PDF, please leave a comment or head to my website links as per below. Yours in Mojo, Nikki For more info on how to reach out see below 👌🏻😀

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