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TMM142 How To Build Trust in yourself and others.

Mar 29, 2021

How To Build Trust in Yourself and Others

My 5 Anchors T.R.U.S.T. The trust series part 2.

We hear "you have to trust yourself" all the time, but do we even understand what trust really means?

When was the last time you TRULY trusted yourself? ⚡️⚡️

  • We need to learn the difference between limiting beliefs and trusting yourself.

  • Avoid staying in the perceived safe zone, to throw away fear of rejection and abandonment.

Trust starts when being anchored in your truth. If we don't evolve, we cant have a revolution.


In this video, I talk about how to Build Trust and use my 5 Anchors for T.R.U.S.T ⭐️ to back yourself and lead by example. We cannot make our decisions from fear and guilt, only from truth and your truth.

T stands for TRUTH, you have to know your truth.

R stands for RESONATE, you have to have know what resonates with you. When you have something that resonates with you, all the outer noise stops. You have to stop chasing shiny things and learn what truly matters to you.

U stands for UNIVERSE, back yourself and show up for yourself. You have to show up for yourself with your promises, to make sure your actions meet your goals.

When you show up for yourself, you start building confidence with consistency

S stands for sovereign, 100% owning your sh**t (your side of the street) and being who you are. Congruently in all places with all people. We are required to show up as our sovereign self! You have nothing to fear, you simply have to be 100% yourself.

T stands for time. With all the other steps, you will begin to know yourself so well that you will know when it's time to go for an opportunity, when it's time for you to take a break, or when it's time to take care of yourself. When you are in your truth, you have confidence, consistency, and clarity.

To trust yourself, you HAVE to understand your truth. You have to OWN your truth! You are your future, you are not your past. What is holding you back from growth, integrity, and trusting yourself?

  1. How to Trust All The Time Episode 136 on my podcast

2. How to build Trust (this video)

3. How to trust yourself consistently watch the video here

To recap: Apply my 5 anchors of trust:

  • Truth
  • Resonating ideas
  • Universal harmony, being
  • Sovereign and the fact this creates ..
  • Timeless trust in self and for others


Head over to the link in my playlist for the Truth Series and also the episode as mentioned above 136 how to Trust All The Time .

#yougotthis. Life is an evolution. We are all learning and leaning in.

Nikki x



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