TMM140 How To Take Control In Your Life

how to take control leadership Mar 26, 2021

How To Take (flow) Control InYour Life - aka getting in the driver's seat.

Season 4 Episode 140 on The Mojo Maker podcast and show.

In this video I chat with you about how you can be aware of what you want, or what is important - but the real magic comes with you define the actions and attitude necessary to see things through. Without struggle. Calm, centred and step by step. How to feel in control of your life.

How to get that confidence and consistency. How Awareness + Action and Attitude are all required to be in alignment to design and have a life you love.

  1. Do you often have bouts of self doubt?
  2. Do you feel out of control as a leader, or as a partner and have started not trusting your own decisions?
  3. Do you struggle with trusting yourself and keep looking to others for validation?

To be in control of our lives we need to have a real true AWARENESS of who we are. To be grounded and know yourself to be grounded above and beyond whatever is happening in your external environment. Easy to say right?

There will always be things outside of your control... but what you CAN control is your mindset, attitude, actions and your beliefs. I call this the magic 3 pillars to designing a life you really love and being in the driver's seat.

Truely accountable.



First of all know your truth (you can see the other videos on my channel just hit the TRUTH SERIES playlist

Our society struggles with the truth - how to share the truth or how to receive the truth. We are SO afraid to say/be/feel what we truly want because of the alienation of truth in our society.

We often talk about acceptance and diversity but on a day to day basis... we are experiencing everything BUT that.

How do we get grounded and take back control of our lives?

Step Two is ACTION

We have to show up for ourselves (ACTION)

We, as people, ask our leaders to step up more and show up more. We ask them to be more open, more vulnerable, more honest ..... but behind closed doors we are bringing them down.

We, as a society, decide to undermine the very thing we are ASKING for with gossip.

We must not pull the good leaders down as we ask them to inspire us to be the change we want to see. Be careful what you say about other people who aren't in the room... words have wings.

It's what you do when no one is watching, is what really counts. BE the change you want to see!

Step Three is ATTITUDE.

The Third Pillar or Step is our (ATTITUDE).

Commit to a positive mental attitude, no gossip, limiting negative self talk is often the hardest thing of all!

How can you make sure to stay grounded and connected during times of real change? Set pillars and boundaries to recognise the difference between putting walls up and having a healthy acceptance of yourself.

We have a society thats exhausted with information but at a loss of self confidence. You have to take care of yourself and trust in yourself! You have to have accountability for how you show up in your life.

THAT is the definition of true leadership.

Be prepared to STEP up and SHOW up for yourself.

Plus, keep an eye on your attitude. If you can be on purpose you will slowly start to build a new habit of backing yourself, feeling more in control and have the agility to navigate what ever comes your way.

For my new book ADULTING THE RALLY OF LIFE - how to go from chaos to sustainable success - I teach you all about how to do this and more. Listen to my podcast, or watch this video, to learn how to truly show up for yourself, trust yourself, and get in the driver's seat.

Get your control back. For more info on how to reach out see below 👌🏻😀


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