TMM137 Mastering Awareness - How To Go From Chaos to Calm

adulting the rally of life anxiety awareness chaos leadership overwhelm podcast stress top tips Jan 26, 2021

Mastering Awareness - How To Go from Chaos To Calm. Episode 137 on The Mojo Maker Podcast.

Checkpoint 2 in the #adulting the rally of life checkpoints is the ability to go within and be self aware.

To understand the 3 vital and immediate steps you can do at any given moment to bring yourself back into the present and apply the NOW, THEN and NEXT trilogy.

Overwhelm., stress, anxiety, fear and panic override our personal GPS and cause a sense of chaos, feeling unanchored and severely reduce our decision making abilities.

In this video I teach you how to stop at any given moment when you have recognised the signs of overwhelm.


1. Breathe

2. Focus - Shift your perception - fear to curiosity

3. Define what the NEXT best thing to do is - without creating 10 other steps from that.

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