TMM136 How to Trust All The Time

mojo trust Jan 21, 2021

 TMM136 How to Trust All The Time

A little musing on why it’s so important that you trust the universe and the feelings at ALL times ⭐️⚡️ not just when it’s easy and going well.

The greatest gains come when you’re trusting in the most challenging moments.

Even though right now we feel like we have no control over the outside world and some of the decisions that are happening around us, this is your opportunity to really blur the background and go within.

  • To think about what is important to you.

  • To let go of the walls of discomfort (well “comfort” as usually people refer them to ) and really go out and chase what makes your heart sing because you will never regret it.

 Come join me on the Mojo make a Podcast Vitality Coach TV on YouTube or blog on my website More on how to be fearless and do that sustainably is in my book ADULTING THE RALLY OF LIFE - link in bio - message me if you want more tips but most importantly you are in the driver’s seat!

Don’t let fear rule your world.

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