TMM135 Survival Mode

adulting podcast stress survival mode Jan 11, 2021

TMM135 Survival Mode - How To Recognise the Signs Of Overwhelm

Survival is not a strategy for happiness and sustainable success. Nor is it something we have to feel we need to do to "get by and cope with change". Part of #adulting is to sort of be a kid in a way and just have a go and take a leap of faith on things - like the last 4 series on Courage.

It also means recognising when you’ve hit overwhelm. In a 7 part series I will be taking you through the 7 Checkpoints in my new book #adultingtherallyoflife.

The first of these will be Survival Mode.

Remember : life is a rally not F1 - there is no slow lane at the start line. Maybe it’s time to press pause and make sure you’ve checked your engine and your reserves before you keep trying to push your way through un-chartered territory.

A reminder from last week:

- The world needs you to courageous.

- It needs you to step up, suit up and command a higher consciousness for your decision making.

- To not stay stuck for fear of failure and the past but to realise you are probably being triggered and push to break free of all of that and pave your own way.

That immediately translates into being accountable for your own oxygen mask first. If you keep pushing through overwhelm and don't stop when you start to recognise the signs it's like continuing to drive at full speed on a wonky wheel. It is only going to end in disaster.

1. Your wellbeing and happiness is no one else's responsibility but your own. If you're stuck take a moment to press pause and do a health check - see the traffic light worksheet below from the book.

2. Check martyrdom at the door. Always drawn to stories of suffering, keen to help others and lift them up but not really happy in your own skin? Hmmmm - putting attention onto giving out to other people when you're not taking care of your own side of the street is a deflection tactic. Face your fears - look in the mirror and show up for yourself first. You will have 10 x the energy and give-ability once your own cup is full. No more HOPE PROJECTS. Believe me - I have full experience in having to make this shift so I know what I'm talking about.

3. Show up at the start line. By dropping the pin and pressing pause in your world you get to review exactly where you are at, what resources you have around you and how healthy that chassis of yours really is.

You are the master of your destiny.

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