TMM131 Top Tips To Work With A Great Coach

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TMM131 Top Tips To Work With A Great Coach

Working With A Coach? Want to find a great coach - fitness, business, leadership, relationship or for anything in particular or all of the above?

Great coaches are an extraordinary asset they evolve and expand your possibilities in all conditions.

Don't stop when you're on top. Lean in when you have more space to level up as well.

Experienced coaches don't push you through a process : they cement each step at your pace for the highest good and best results

  • A great coach should challenge and empower you allow your work to evolve.

  • Be discerning. great experts do not bluff.

  • Anyone you take advice from needs to be there for your greatest good.

  • Great coaches know how to work with a dream team of experts and to refer you if they don't know an answer - but ask how can they best support and amplify your results

Great coaches take the responsibility of their work seriously - for example. It is my personal mission is to ensure true value-lead leaders are generating the world's wealth with the highest integrity & support. Working with Ceo's my work and advice, support and strategy on life and business ripples through to their companies, their family & they community.

Are You Coachable?

First and foremost though as someone who is looking for a coach or coaching program - you have to WANT to do the work, show up and be fully engaged. Don't blame your coach if you're not willing to be accountable for your side of the street and putting ideas, plans and changes into action.

And if you're a coach reading this and listening to this episode or my video - Lead by example. As a coach have the courage to define how you work and who you work best with.

As you embark on considering who is going to be in your corner, to mentor, guide you and help you excel - what ever the area you are seeking coaching in I hope you can use the 4 pillars below to assist you with that journey:

Nikki's 4 pillars of coaching™

Conditions | Chemistry | Coachable | Content

My 4 c's of working with the best coaches and ensure you are ready to be coached, understand what you want and that great coaches work with you not for you. This video is ideal for both coaches and coachees as I believe these 4 c's are great decision making frameworks to ensure you are working with clients who are in alignment with what your best work is, your values and how you operate.

We all learn as we go and I have found over 20 years of high performance leadership and coaching that the very few instances where it didn't go right were the most fantastic opportunities for growth as a true professional. To look under the hood and ensure I am very clear from the start about how I work, who I work with and why.

Great coaching relationships can last decades and are the most wonderful, empowering investment personally and commercially when you get it right.

I really hope my experience and the tools I deploy for ensuring add extreme value and accountability with my clients can be of benefit to your journey

Yours in Mojo, Nikki

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