TMM128 Courage #1 Dare To Pioneer

adulting pioneer Sep 02, 2020

TMM128 Courage #1 Dare To Pioneer


Courage Series #1 - Dare To Pioneer - 3 steps to stand up for yourself & for others. By doing so you are being your personal best, setting an example and doing the work

Fresh Mojo!  Today I'm going to challenge you to step up  - just that little bit further out of your comfort zone than ever before.

​​What if we flipped a few things: How could you Dare To Pioneer

For example
A) what if : instead of spending 30 minutes talking about what others were doing wrong or judging their behaviour for backing themselves, we spent 30 minutes working on our own goals (personal or commercial)?

B)  what if :  instead of jumping on a conversation that may slight, diminish or belittle another person who is not in the room (age is no barrier to this) we actually said out loud "sorry I refuse to take part in derogatory comments about others, it's not my thing" - not just thought it but actually said "no I'm not engaging in this?

C)  what if : you took the 30 minutes you spent worrying about if you should start something and what would people think - by actually taking the steps to kick it off, speak your truth or pursue your crazy ideas?

And,  if after all of that - no one could stop you from daring to pioneer and standing up for yourself and others: 

The fact is by doing the 3 what if replacement scenarios - > no one can stop you from: - this is exactly what the outcome will be:

  1. being your personal best
  2. setting a positive example
  3. putting the work in

Only you can do that.  Dare to Pioneer.

This month we put the finishing touches on the official online program to go hand in hand with my next book - #ADULTING the Rally Of Life. Finally, due to be here this year - printers are back up and we are pretty excited about the result. 

​​I always think, when something is ready it will come to fruition in the very best time possible - so I trust the process - and I am so very glad I did.  

I wrote #ADULTING 2 years ago now and it has some fabulous people featured from my show in each stage of the book who have shared their highs and lows, peaks and dips and how they step up and ADULT through life and work. 

I'm also extremely fortunate to have the foreword by KMPG Managing Partner, James Hunter , as he leads from the front with a long career in pioneering culture, commerce and community.

To launch this book later this year now seems so perfect.  The online program will be there to provide an extra dimension to bring the practice off the pages and to life. Each of my books are written in the style as if I was coaching - direct, practical and they are meant to be there to encourage you to do the work at each step, not "I hope this works"...

So let's see :).

Courage To Pioneer

For today:  the only challenge I put towards you is how can you STEP UP and show up for yourself and then for others. 

​​We all KNOW what the right thing to do is, but what holds us back from actually doing that.

I dare you to pioneer, to stand tall, to trust your crazy ideas, to raise the bar and support equality, individualism, personality and purpose. 

If you find yourself trying to unwittingly pull another down or diminish their success - go look straight in the mirror as really you are judging yourself.  What are you feeling unsettled and unworthy of? 

​​Would you want that attitude around you and what you are trying to achieve?

Concentrate on the TO BE LIST. 

It's who we are when no one is watching that really counts. 

It is never too late to reach out, apologise, step up, lean in, encourage, support, lift up and elevate. If you're not doing that for others genuinely and consistently it means you are not valuing yourself either. Abundance is an inside job. 

We all stuff up - so choose curiosity over fear and think "what can I DO differently", "how can I be the change I want to see". Go after that sentiment wholeheartedly. It's not a quote for instagram it's a daily practice. 

Fortune favours the bold and the brave and kindness is very gangster these days.

For this month and next I'm bringing yellow back - it's the new black :). It's also the cover colour of my new book and the sun that rises and sets every day without fail.... you get the chance to rise up every day too. 

PS: Once again I'd like to shout out to my incredible c-suite clients at present. Thank you for trusting me as your navigator - I know when you read this so much will resonate and you are shining examples of remarkable leadership. Keep going. 

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Yours in Mojo always, 

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