TMM127 Truth #4 How To Communicate With Clarity & Calm

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TMM127 Truth #4 Communicate With Clarity & Calm

The 4 Quadrants Of Conscious Communication


"Fields of green"!  That's a safe word I have with my partner in crime when there is information overload  - it immediately defuses any conflict or triggers and allows the dust to settle a bit to absorb what is important. It also ALWAYS creates a fun way to say "enough for now". 

I've been told there is an article out there somewhere where it's recommended you "whistle" to stop the flow of conversation.... not sure about that as an approach unless this was to my dog Roxy - but each to their own.

What's your safe word and do you have one that enables a situation to go back to neutral? 

The overall point of today's Mojo is a very important one - knowing the right thing to do is one thing - DOING the right thing takes great courage, clarity and calm. We need more of the DOING the right thing.


There are mounting and severe levels of anxiety in our world at present -  that are displayed in a variety of reactions and responses from those around us:

- Whether it comes out in peoples impatience when they are driving or in a super market, or just in conversation. 

- The degree of uncertainty (fuelled by the ever mounting fluffy versions and fear mongering in the news) means that no one is feeling stable and on course.

When anxiety levels are high (for what ever reason) it creates an instability in our thinking, our responses and how we view the world and others. 

Anxiety also has a chemical and very physical effect on our body - which in turn links back to reducing our ability to respond clearly when intellect and emotions are combined. 

​​The smallest thing can garner a rather alarming reaction when people are feeling on edge.

As I add this final episode to the mini #TRUTH series  - I want to reiterate again knowing the truth is not enough, standing up for that is.  Therefore: I want to guide you through actually HOW to do that.


I just sent an email out to my private coaching clients, and in particular 6 very remarkable CEO/founders who are jointly responsible when combined for well over $350m worth of revenue between them.

That is a LOT of responsibility not only within their own ecosystem but as a whole for our markets and communities.

I said "this is not the time to sit back and forget your daily rituals, your best practice and to slip back to old programming - now more than ever this is where the rubber hits the road''

Time to suit up and look at what we need to do next to ensure their personal and professional rituals and best practice are in place to lead from a place of grounded authentic authority and truth. No Winging It. 


I urge you if you are reading this to be aware of any subconscious shift to be "busy again" overthinking energies and being caught up in a whirlwind of a week and realising that is not an excuse to not be on purpose and slow your thinking down to ensure you are present.

At the highest level of any sport or profession that requires lightening reactions.

These elite souls don't stop training mentally or physically when they get to the top - it actually gets more specific and even more crucial to train on purpose and with a dedication that supersedes any work prior.

You might be the driver - but there are many many elements that go into making up this rally of life. DO NOT WING IT. 


Make a conscious effort to think before you respond, to set up clear and honest lines of communication and to know WHAT to DO when you need to DO the right thing.

I hope you enjoy this weeks Video around the 4 aspects of Conscious Communication for grounded and truthful relationships (Professional and Personal - the same applies).  

If you are filled with anxiety and fear about things that are out of your control - then it is time to start using the frameworks that make the very best pilots, race car drivers, athletes and remarkable entrepreneurs and inventors stay on course.


Never let anyone else's insecurities and shame for their lack of action - stop you for standing up for yourself. 

Also if someone is distressed or comes to you  - listen before you defend. Your first reaction and those that immediately follow will truly show if you care and will demonstrate your inherent values. Remember there are always solutions. The first response is the most critical. 

If in doubt  - please reach out.

The LIVE session for today is now on YOUTUBE  - full video is below along with the previous episodes. Thank you so much for subscribing, liking and joining me this week. 

Yours in Mojo always, 

PS: If you or anyone you know at senior level (boardroom and management) is going through icing out, bullying, intimidation by reputation and so forth please get in contact (or on any level for that matter).

There are many fabulous practical resources and support steps you can take to a) say no and b) navigate your way from being in that position. Choice not chance. It is never ok and you have every right to speak up. Vice versa if you need to know how to be the only one in the room to support another - please reach out. The same applies. 

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