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Valles Accountants Managing Director Greg Valles, shares why it's crucial to keep learning, be purposeful and ALWAYS be open minded.

Passion and Purpose

I met Greg along with some incredible humans when I was MC at an event for Men's Mental Health in 2018.

As a father, partner, mentor, loyal mate to many and Founder of Valles Accountants, Greg talks about overcoming old constraints

  • the ability to learn from experience instead of letting challenges define you
  • and the power of being open to all walks of life and people.

Actively involved in the accounting and business community, Greg is currently a member of the Australian Taxation Office High Wealth Australian Client Working Group; Institute of Public Accountants; Australian Institute of Company Directors; National Tax and Accountants’ Association and Small Business Medium Enterprise and Australian Taxation Office Professional Forum. Yup! All of that...

On a personal note, Greg is an advocate of Starlight Children’s Foundation and Liberty Victoria. Greg is also a member of Australian National Academy of Music; Melbourne Cricket Club; Melbourne Theatre Company; National Gallery of Victoria and Victorian Racing Club.

So what does such a high achiever have to say about overwhelm and adulting?

Just like all leaders in life the road is paved with speed bumps, family matters and a need to navigate with consideration and  curiousity.

It’s never easy opening  up on camera, but I know this is just the beginning of some wonderful tips Greg can share on what got him to to now with integrity and wisdom.

1. Overwhelm happens to everyone

The funny idea of overwhelm is that it’s one of the worst feelings and not and it’s become a real epidemic for all ages and levels in life. Not only in a personal aspect but how we deal with challenges and feeling stuck when we go through collateral damage of relationship breakdowns, work situations or changing and big decisions in our lives.

I.e what happens when you've been building a business and you suddenly look up and things aren't as they seem?

  • Staff change, situations evolve, clients move in and out, and you realise you have to put your focus back in the business rather than working on it.


The vulnerability within anyone going through extreme overwhelm is very real so be prepared to lean in and evolve.

Also remember: not only should you recognise what that feeling is like or when it begins to creep in, but that there is always a solution.

  • Often when we are faced with overwhelm and challenges we want to bury ourselves more into work or pushing through that period of time and dig deeper.

  • In actual fact high performance comes from alerting yourself to the signs earlier and asking for help and pressing pause.

Reach out and ask for help when you were going through a personal discord, its a myth you need to do it all on your own.


People are in denial that they need some assistance from anyone, or to talk it through. However apart from reflection and time to self - it's also just a cathartic nature to be able to share, voice ideas, concerns and talk things through. Out of your head and into a better perspective

  • Assisting to reduce anxiety

  • Identify the core emotion and situation

  • Acknowledge the real depth of what is occuring

  • Ask for expert guidance or support


This is an epidemic. Overwhelm and anxiety, and I call it burn out, freak out, opt out, is causing our leaders to make poor decisions and the anxiety around not being enough, knowing enough or how to navigate through overwhelm is causing extreme stress.

Nikki Fogden-Moore

The collateral damage around it is having so ... so, macro-economic issues, even businesses, and the common denominator for predominantly most of my male clients, is they don't get help until its way down the track. So, all this stress and all this pressure could've been alleviated. Because we keep thinking that what we knew before was the answer.


You wouldn't be in a business if you don’t have some emotional intelligence, but when we get overwhelmed we often forget to lean in to the facts and emotions get in the way.

Having the ability to press pause, identify and understanding what's going on around you, not only internally but externally is vital for leading in life.

Observe. Adapt and be agile.

As Greg states one of the key areas for his business and life is being very on point with current trends and people, how things are changing, to adapt with that authentically.

Whether it’s looking at technology, as an accountant at the different ways the tax laws change or different aspects of the business landscape as a leader you need to be up to date, capable and competent.

This also means having the right people around you who do the same.


You're not infallible. You're not made of titanium, as much as we hope that we are.

We have to be prepared to rise from the surface every now and then when we bounce back from challenges to learn from those experiences and not let them hold us down. To have faith difficult times pass and to ensure you have good advise and support around you.

Easy to say - important to apply as when you're in the middle of it, it doesn't feel like it there is a way out.


Be open to different people you meet.

I think some people go, I've got enough friends, but it's the most negative comment that you can hear from people to say. Just open up. There are so many more wonderful people to meet and to explore, and it's not necessarily business the whole time; it's the enrichment of life.

Greg Valles

Nothing is finite - keep evolving.

We never really need to stop filling up our friend tap inn erms of being open to meeting new people and beliefs or continuing to learn.

If you're continually shutting yourself down and saying, “this is always the way I've done things”, you'll get the same results.

So what’s next and what now?

Listening to leaders like Greg who share their journey I hope you may be reminded that nothing is finite and infinite possibilities await. It’s all about your approach, recognising when overwhelm is setting in and reaching out to ask for help.

Above all else whether you’re working your way through staff changes, marriage break downs, custody and friendships that have had their chapters close - it is crucial not to let the current challenge define your mental state for the long term.

To remember that each day you get the chance to be curious, to reflect what lessons you may be learning, to be open minded to people you may meet and their view points in life.

Top 3 tools from #ADULTING™ The new Book:

We so often let overwhelm take over when we feel defeated or there is no way out. When we focus on what’s gone wrong not what can we learn and do bettter next time.

So when you feel anxiety or stress start to creep in remember my 3 rules to press pause and redirect:

  1. TRUST. Yourself and the process. - it’s going to be ok
  2. ASK. For help, support and get expert guidance whether it’s on relationships, legal, finance or other... just don’t expect to know it all. Information is a great stress reducer!
  3. APPLY. Avoid going round and round in circles in your head as the same results will be there unless you take action. One step at a time.

Please reach out if anything on this episode resonated with you. Special thanks and gratitude to Greg for being on the show and for his team for trying to be so quiet in the background as we filmed on site in Melbourne at their head office. Some fun little clips with Greg and Jake Edwards to come.

You can find more about Greg and Valles Accountants on or connect with Greg on LinkedIn at

More on this topic and to navigate stress and anxiety and get back in the drivers seat below..

Thanks so much for tuning in and being a part of a tribe of people who do things with life.

Yours in Mojo



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