Mar 07, 2019

How to master the art of focus, to fear LESS and DO MORE.

Welcome - The Weekly Mojo is back - after weeks offline (liberating and highly recommended) this week kicks off with the art of being Fearless and doing more  - why making conscious choices on what you really want is not renegade at all.

There is no greater gift in life and business to realise that the intent and journey is so crucial if not richer than the outcome. If you're leading in life you have probably forgotten some of the major things you worked so hard for in the past - as you're busy focusing on what's next.

Or perhaps you're stuck in a certain place due to fear of the unknown.

Unfortunately, so often at work and personally our head strong ego can create chaos and clutter where there could be calm. This weeks blog - is my first in many weeks of some liberating time offline - I'm back with vengeance to talk about being Fear LESS and how to do more.

Let me be clear - WE ALL HAVE FEAR. It's nature. It's what you do next that counts.

Need a nudge? What if you keep feeling triggered by things and procrastinating. Fear of failure, being judged by others, not being supported, losing something or someone you love - what's stopping you?

  • So what things didn't work out in the past ? Chances are you're a more evolved version of yourself and needed a few lessons to get things refined. Keep moving forward. Stop getting stuck.
  • Not sure where the road goes? Isn't that part of the charm?

Chances are you should go into the unchartered territory if it has you all fired up and nervous. Why not put one foot in front of the other and go after what you really want.

Sitting in the "fear" and not moving through it can cloud judgement, make conversations confusing and prevents clarity and calm. It can make your mind feel muddy and your body start to feel slow, tired and exhausted from all the thinking around in circles. It can make you physically sick.

Stop compartmentalising and giving one thing up for another. Define your BLEND.

Stop over-thinking and start DOING:

So here's what to do: FEAR LESS

#1 Own it!

Recognise that first thought when it happens - THEN choose your second thought wisely.

  • Own your own stuff - are you clear on what you really WANT and able to articulate that.
  • Be clear with facts and stats.
  • Stop 'Hoping' things will work out + bury your head in the sand.

NO HOPE PROJECTS this year Mojo Makers. You've heard this from me before and I'll be repeating this over and over. We all have moments where we 'hope" something will change or someone will change. No hope or blame. What can you do from your part?

How can others step in and support you if you're not being open about your own goals and needs?   

#2 Be Clear and Conscious Of What You Say and Do

- Fearless living in life and business requires Conscious Decision Making. It's it's not about being reckless or acting without regard.

- Fear can be important to give you the extra kick and adrenaline - but at a certain point you need to recognise that's there and forge ahead with conviction. Stop living in a story and just keep it simple.

# 3 Take Action

It's one thing to have a vision. It's an entirely different thing to push self doubt, sabotage, societies ideals and all those other road blocks aside and actually figure out a way to get to it. To be FEARLESS and to do more.

Being FearLess and tapping into the potential of whats ahead of you or any given situation requires a plan and accountability:  Take action.

- make choices on where you spend your time

- don't avoid the good things or good people because you're afraid it won't last - your vibe attracts your tribe. Do MORE with the positive people and limit the negative spaces. (sounds simple but DO IT).

- actually define what next looks like then refining that so others that are key people in your life can understand the remit as well (family and work).  

RECAP - Here are the 3 things to do when you react/feel fear or sense doubt:

1. Acknowledge it (Own your Stuff)

2. Identify exactly what you're afraid of? Failing, not getting a project, pushing someone away - what is it? Get it out of your head and onto paper. Be Conscious.

3. Lean in and go towards the good stuff and the good people - even if it's one step at a time. Stop going backwards - if there's a glimmer of light that's all you need to know you're on the right path. Let go of trying to control all the steps and just do the next right thing. Take Action.

Most of all I want to leave you with one message today. Dare to be specific.

Please do NOT shy away from what great looks like to you. Not just in business but also in your life.

If you don't define what you want you'll get what you're given. (@nfogdenmoore)

Having the courage to live with kindness to self and others - but be fearless in your choices, is VITAL.

I love having friends and mentors who really challenge me in this area. We keep each other very accountable. Some gentle reminders:

You will never have more time than you do right now.

If you want, or sincerely need more from others then don't be afraid to ask - but first of all ask yourself what are you doing on your own side of the street. Be open. Be honest. It's so rewarding it's ridiculous. Leading at work and at home requires leading by example.

Be Fearless Keep your vision alive

You don't need to apologise for having drive, energy and ambition for happiness.

The closer we get to living in the now and running a life and business we love, the more often we find ourselves challenging the status quo.

Just because you get to play in the champions league doesn't mean the speed of the game or the intensity is any less - in fact there's more pressure than ever.

So dial in deeper. Level up your personal high performance.

To your true self, a place of centred clarity and let go of trying to control others and instead do the work.

You'll discover that others will be there to support you without you even needing to explain.

It's my absolute undivided mission to help people cut through the clutter in life. To help stop overwhelm, to reduce burn out, freaking out and intelligent incredible people opting out. To ensure my clients, their teams and families as part of their world, are empowered to glide through all the challenges we face in life.

It's a rally out there - so ensure you've got the best pit crew, an incredible dream team and a darn good map*. Please feel free to email or message if you want to know more.

In the meantime - here's a lovely little motivational 2 min clip from Navy Seal Jocko Willink below - just in case you needed another pep talk :)


Yours in Mojo for leaders in life



 * From Nikki's next book on navigating the rally of life and leadership

Jocko Willink | Bio:

Decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, author of the book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, co-founder of Echelon Front, Jocko spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, starting as an enlisted SEAL and rising through the ranks to become a SEAL officer. As commander of SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser during the battle of Ramadi, he orchestrated SEAL operations that helped the "Ready First" Brigade of the US Army’s First Armored Division bring stability to the violent, war-torn city. Task Unit Bruiser became the most highly decorated Special Operations Unit of the Iraq War. Jocko returned from Iraq to serve as Officer-in-Charge of training for all West Coast SEAL Teams. There, he spearheaded the development of leadership training and personally instructed and mentored the next generation of SEAL leaders who have continued to perform with great success on the battlefield.

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