TMM090 Social Media Madness

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TMM090 Social Media Madness #COACH with Sam Coward 

A new mini series on The Mojo Maker Show -#COACH Nikki talks hard hitting things about social media with Hot91 radio presenter Sam Coward. 

As we find their feet in the studio this episode talks about the expectations and societies addiction to social media - how it's effecting those we love and how to detach from digital to be healthy and wise. 

 Bear with us as Sam and I curtail our need to get squirrelled on subjects  - rest assured after a couple of times in the studio we tighten up the COACH series and get serious about some core topics such as Man Caves, why people think they can't get fit in winter, mens mental health, stress, sex, anxiety, summer bodies and how to be a good human.

But first, let's chat Royal Weddings, RUOK?, what to do when you're not and how to find your glide online to avoid comparing yourself to others (most of whom you probably do not even know). 

With social media being the most frequented form of communication and connection for so many people these days - is this having an adverse effect on mental health, confidence, personal self worth and a sense of feeling at place in society. 


3 Express Points from this rather chatty podcast with Sam.

1. Is Social Media A Deflection from Real Life

Do we think there is escapism, are we really putting a genuine selfs forward for all to see on the wide web? Whether you love it or hate it, it's going on and we're bombarded everywhere. How do you find some calm in all this chaos?

For many people being online is a complete distraction from their day to day grind. So much so that it's not just teenagers who are addicted to being online. The issue is not in the action but the results of lost time, comparison, feeling judged, unrealistic expectations, assuming what people post is real and the 'never enough' syndrome. 

In just 24 hours of being off social media  - looking up - you can regain a whole sense of perspective, connection and gratitude for who and what you already have in your life.


2. Why Does Social Media Effect Our Mental State

Researchers have found that using social media obsessively causes more than just anxiety. In fact, testing has found that using too much internet can cause depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), impulsive disorder, problems with mental functioning, paranoia, and loneliness. Yep! We also know there are some wonderful benefits of our digital world, creating connections with friends and family, reducing isolation and loneliness for elders in the communities, sharing of vital information in real time formats for medical, business and economic decisions.

Ultimately it's out there. It all comes down to how you personally want to engage, who to follow, what post and your rules of engagement to interact. 


3. How To Manage Social Media With A Positive Result

If you start to feel anxious, isolated and not enough when you're scrolling down your social pages then chances are this platform of watching everyone else's lives unfold (authentically or not)  is having a negative effect on your self confidence and worth.

The challenge today is it's very hard to turn away. With more reality shows than ever before on TV, youtube accessible to all, anyone can upload what they want and the rise and rise of Instagram as a window to peoples world - Facebook is just one aspect of a growing set of platforms that play dangerously close to comparison and judgement.

Here are our 3 steps you can take to be aware, take action and find your boundaries to live responsibly with social media - or if you choose not to go there at all.

  1. Do an honest chemistry check: Not everything you see is real - get perspective. Stop following people, posts, sites and pages that are not authentic, intimidate you on some level (even subconsciously) or you know you feel down and a little less of yourself once you've checked in
  2. Be accountable
  3. Get inspired in real life. In stead of trying to strengthen numbers of friends, why not try to strengthen the relationships with a few people who really matter.


For more on my top tips here's how you can

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