TMM 107 Feeding The White Wolf

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Why the conversations we have with ourselves are the most important of all.

How to identify your deep subconscious triggers that may be sabotaging your own sustainable success.

Welcome to Monday Mojo© episodes and to the podcast/VLOG.  This topic of mindset is not a new one - and we all know the importance of staying positive and that what we think about expands. Think of this as an energetic tune up to lead a life you love and be genuine in all aspects.

You'll unlock a whole new level of vitality and clarity when you can master the art of feeding your white wolf and demonstrate leadership from within.

Why is this so important? 

Because once you recognise WHERE you are making decisions from and you can learn to access your higher truth and self,  then you eliminate shaky fear/shame/blame/guilt/doubt based decisions and conversations that so will invariably lead you down a long winding path and a dead end corner at some stage or another.

  • So why do we often find ourselves in situations where we are stuck in our heads, not able to make a decision, or perhaps holding on to a particular story, situation, person or outcome that no longer serves us?
  • Further more - how can you stop trying to control every given situation, person or outcome - perhaps just take care of your own side of the street with integrity, grace and intellect and see what happens as a result?

There's only so long we can keep a story going. At a certain point the universe will step in and ask you to step up. That is - if you are willing to listen to the signs, grow and get curious.

If you've been following my podcast and reading my blogs you'll know that around the topic of high performance I teach a lot about how to stop your EGO getting in the way. Plus actually HOW to recognise the difference between your EGO (an emotion driven thought or decision) - and your deep intuition (a feeling driven thought or decision).

When I work with leaders stuck in Ego they get easily frustrated when things don't go their way, do not let go of people from past relationships (even if there is no need to hang on or they are balancing practical they still try and play an emotional chess game) they don't like the idea of giving up, are often mentally and physically exhausted [decision making and EGO fatigue] and have been pushing, over working, over delivering and under whelmed with their personal and commercial results for some time.

Phew! Exhausting!

  • Are you feeding the white wolf or subconsciously being ruled by the dark shadow that loves you to stay in the "pain" of loss, hard work, the daily trudge and "overcoming challenges" is like wearing a badge of honour.
  • It takes courage to accept the past or a situation, learn from it, reflect and then build on the new and next.

Please note this is not a criticism. It's just that until we realise there may be another way to look at life and leading our own - we stay stuck in the trap of the tools we have been given to date.

So let's get started today on helping you identify WHERE your thoughts and actions are being driven from.


1. Who is the White Wolf?  The Best Clearest, Centred Version of You.

The white wolf is our deep pure intuition and sense of knowing, doing and acting in the right way as a grounded source of knowledge without distraction and fear.

  • It is you without any filter or distraction, story or interference. It's the deep sense of power and purpose in your best truth. Very, very powerful.

It shines bright with integrity, honesty and transparency - bringing with it a renewed sense of energy and unlimited vitality enabling us to stay connected to people, places and our purpose that truly matters.

  • The white wolf feeds on truth, calm, grace and humility.
  • It understands the need for curiosity, makes decisions without judgement and backs it self as it has nothing to hide or prove.
  • The white wolf in all of us is curious, courageous, kind, charismatic, engaged and very connected to all senses.


2. Who is The Black Wolf ? The Off Centre, Fear, Lack and Insecure Version of You

The Black Wolf is the skinny hungry one in the corner constantly willing to fight for it's position, cunning and sly it will tell you (or anyone else) what you want to hear to keep you slightly off your truest potential. Why?

  • It feeds of the elements of ego. Pride/fear/shame/blame/guilt/doubt.
  • It feeds on insecurity and a sense that if you did/said/behaved in a certain way you'd be judged to be a "failure".
  • It does not want you to find your inner power as it needs the oxygen of past drama's, failures and negativity to survive. It keeps you feeling stuck. It needs to control.

The moment you stop feeding yourself the Victim story ("poor me" mentality) or the Martyr approach ("I did it for everyone else" position) -  is the moment you start to starve that negative EGO and feed your white wolf. For when you are in your own power you don't need validation from others.

Think of it this way:

  1. The white wolf provides an unlimited supply of personal power that comes from within - so you can access it at any time to give and receive in abundance.
  2. The black wolf  feeds off the negative, blocking evidence energy of people/places and things that give it a story to cling to.


3. How To Feed Your White Wolf - i.e How To Grow Your Inner Wisdom and a Positive Mindset:

  1. Be VERY aware of your thoughts.
  2. Let go of trying to control other people and take care of your own side of the street. We all know this but it really takes a determined effort to remind ourselves moment by moment.
  3. Stop trying to manipulate an outcome  - be in your truth, use your voice and hold your space. All you can articulate is what is best for you, your business or your team from your own educated point of view. Never assume to know someone else's position unless you ask them and provide a safe space for the truth in their answer as well. This takes a great deal of practice as we are often taught to "sell" an idea or a situation. Nothing negative in that - but when we genuinely are connected with something do you remember how easy it is for that to flow?

Why are we afraid to voice or even recognise our truth and often hide behind the story we are "protecting others". Usually due to fear of loss and uncertainty of the unknown.

When we operate from our truth it is the best outcome for all involved. Even if it doesn't seem like it in the short term.

The moment you choose to feed yourself the I Can, I Learn, I Am Curious, I will try, I Evolve language -  and understand that there is always a solution -  you increase the power of true peace of mind, confidence. You start backing yourself.

You never have to defend your position or overthink something to manipulate an outcome. You are standing in the now with all access to your intellectual, physical and emotional intelligence and learn to honour a feeling rather than react with an emotional response.

4. Getting to know yourself....we all have both the white and black wolf -  it's up to us which we choose to feed.

No one is without an ego or that over thinking little voice who wants to nag and challenge your deep intuition and your attempts of backing yourself. The trick is that you learn to recognise the little voice and learn to hear the louder deeper sense of intuition.

As you come on this journey of discovering your exceptional self. I want to encourage you to do the work and self reflect.  It's always easier to help others and watch them grow - the greatest gift is when you can apply that to yourself.

When we point at someone else three fingers are pointing back at look at your own work, mission, vision and values and take a risk to deep dive into who you really are and what thoughts you choose to carry through.

5. Accept and Understand

Only when you can accept a situation and what you can and can't control - can you actually deal with it, move on and learn and grow.

If you want to dine out on your misery and past evidence of what hasn't worked out before - be my guest. However I challenge you to stop relying on the past to define the future. If y0u are truly a leader you will reflect and realise that perhaps there is ANOTHER way, another layer or another perspective that could completely change your world personally and commercially for ever.

It's just that we don't get taught this stuff at school - so we need to be prepared to evolve our emotional quota as we get older and take the blinkers off. Keep learning. It's so worth it.

6. You're Not Alone in this Journey

Every soul on this planet has had to overcome some form of adversity in some way or another. It's their personal perspective as to whether or not they heal a wound, an event, a situation or a trauma - or decide to hang on to it as a life raft to cling to and not let go.

Better the devil you know right? If that's the expression you like to lean on then please go have a listen to this video HOW TO TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH and get unstuck.....

Like anything our thoughts take practice -

Commit to your own growth - as a parent, a CEO, a partner, an individual or someone starting out again from scratch. There is no greater power than we when align our actions with our values and beliefs.

Remember - you are the hero of your own story - be very aware of your conversation with self. Write down the blurts and doubts and recognise they don't run the show - you do.


Yours in Mojo for leading in life


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