TMM 092 5 Steps To De-stress Right Now

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TMM 092 5 Steps To De-stress Right Now

A mini mojo podcast episode on the 5 things to stop stress when you're running on overdrive. The steps to press pause, get perspective, feel more calm and in control.

From my next book The Mojo Maker, I wanted to share the pillars I use to get myself out of crazy-ville and into consciousness when life feels like it's flying by.

Understanding and recognising the signs that we go through when we are running on adrenaline is crucial to manage good health and great decision making. So here's the important elements we need to actually deploy (not just think about) when the tank is running on empty and emotions are high....

Step 1: Awareness: Recognise the signs.

Operating at your 'max capacity' is not ideal for long periods of time and the key is to be aware of the triggers. You know you're heading for a burn out or you're not in your flow when:

    • You get irritated by small things
    • People and comments, interruptions and questions annoy you
    • Vision is blurry, heart rate is elevated and you feel anxious and flighty
    • Lack of good sleep 
    • Restlessness
    • Craving sugar, caffeine or alcohol
    • Sensitive to light, sound and outside noise..
    • + many more

Step 2: Accountability: Stress has signs, so don't ignore them

Stop, pause and breathe. Remove yourself from the moment and if you can't physically walk away then close your eyes for a nano second and regroup internally. Count 5 breaths in and 5 breaths out. 

If you can remove yourself then:

  • Put the phone down for a moment and walk away, get some fresh air or go sit somewhere quiet
  • Step away from the laptop or computer, go grab a glass of water or a cup of tea
  • If you work at home, get up away from your desk and grab some fresh air. 
  • Tell the person you're in a conversation with, very politely that you just need a moment. I know this sounds strange but it really works and I often do this when I am being bombarded with information and starting to feel claustrophobic from all the conversations going round in circles. Own your space

Step 3: Action - Own your actions and create space not further stressful pressure

Once you've regrouped don't 'put your hand back in the fire". For goodness sake if you don't change what you do the outcome will be the same. So it's time to look at what you MUST be doing versus all the panic you are putting yourself mentally and physically under pressure for. Next step is to prevent this happening again or at least make a new game plan rather than just going straight back into high octane "anaerobic" pace again.

Step 4: Create the VITAL, THEN, NEXT & IF box. 

Download the PDF for that here. I use this every week during particularly hectic times as I know that my subconscious can be a cheeky devil and want me to get all crazy trying to do everything. The art of focus is fabulous. Just make sure you actually do it.


Step 5: Stick to the plan, be open and clear with others - don't stress. 

Running around like a headless chicken telling everyone you've reached your limit is not going to help you or those in your surroundings. Neither is bottling up the stress and ignoring it. Instead take responsibility to be clear, advise or any change of plan or timelines and involve key stakeholders (friends, family, work etc) of any changes and updates.

Stop being a martyr. We are all human and great leadership of self comes from taking ownership and clear communication. Think of these re-group moments as little pit stops. 

PS: All of these tips are coming out in my new book which is based upon the rally of life. It's working title THE MOJO MAKER sign up link is avail here. If you'd like to be informed about the release and get the early bird offer and workbook combo then drop me a line on the list.

Hope you liked this episode and as always, leave a review on iTunes, drop me a line and comment below.

Yours in mojo





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