TMM 091 Disruption

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TMM 091 Disruption with Mark Truelson and Stephen Scott Johnson

It's not what happens to you it's how you deal with you that counts. Back with The Panel, this topic choice was from Mark. Self disruption is one that is not only personally but how that effects you commercially. 

Filmed in the NAB Innovation centre when the 3 of us could all get together we talk about dealing with change, replacing fear with curiosity & embracing disruption at work and at home as a chance to grow.


As a society we often succumb to fear and this discussion touches on turning that into courage as a community and as individuals to thrive and respond.

Major disruption is not doom and gloom. It's a chance to view things differently. 

Whether it's loss of jobs in the shift to automation, feeling redundant in a digital society, relationships not lasting, increased isolation and less engagement - there are plenty of areas that are causing anxiety and fear. 

1: Disruption starts with solving problems

Instead of the pain points what is the opportunity and what is your role. Can you contribute, be more visi0nary, get on board with ideas rather than shy away from change

2. Shifting traditional titles in life to purpose and open mindedness

Looking up from autopilot and pressing pause - assess the road blocks and identify the new opportunity. Design your next steps and be congruent.  Be authentic with your self first and find self acceptance in your journey no matter what life is bringing you.

3. Be willing to evolve.

Nothing is set in stone, too important or too hectic to get in the way of change. 

4. Stop/Be Still

When you're faced with overwhelm it's simple as stopping completely. Avoid responding or reacting straight away - stop first. Allow reconnection with yourself and your environment. 

It's in the most challenging moments when we do stop, that we can really see our underlying strengths. Then you can align your sense of self with sense of purpose and accountability.  

We are all agents of change, accept growth, ask for new perspectives and replace your fear with curiosity. Embrace disruption. 

Marks top 2 takeaways

  1. Establish the smaller simple things each day - what can you solve for yourself and for your team daily rather than larger than life thinking. Winning Weeks the crap list
  2. Note the stuff that wakes you up with enerfgy

Stephens top 2 takeaways

  1. Stop and be present
  2. 2. Give yourself permission to be more. Ask "what if" to get into possibility and potential.  How you can contribute and have a fuller life

Nikki's top 2 takeaways

  1. Write these things down - out of your head and into practical tasks
  2. Search out info - if you don't know anything about a subject that is a grey area go on an info hunt. Think like a CEO, Plan like a Visionary, Act like a Buddha.


For more on the panel and other episodes head to the podcasts and VitalityCoachTV

Special thanks again to Stephen Scott Johnson and Mark Truelson.

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Yours in abundance and mojo,  




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