Why the slow quit is not all glitter & gold

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Why the “slow quit” is not all glitter & gold.

3 reasons why you should take a moment to think bigger picture and give your employer a chance before you jump ship.

With all the media talking about the "great walk" and employees demanding different or better conditions, I wanted to bring the spotlight back to amazing opportunities that exist if you realised what you have already and how to amplify the best for you, your work and the company you work for. ⬇️

Also the harsh impact of the job-hop for small to medium businesses is highly underestimated, with extended hours on less staff, heavier workloads and lack of long term experienced staff placing extraordinary pressure on founders and organisations to build long term legacy success:

▶️ SME Founders and business owners take all the risks.

▶️ Most don't get the grants and the handouts for enterprise level as they are too busy working IN the business and trying to keep it going in all climates.

▶️ There are PLENTY of amazing bosses out there.

▶️ Be sure you have taken ownership to see how you could add value, enjoy your job and unlock a winning combo with your employer not matter what the industry

Even though some previous research shows you can achieve better cash when you switch at a professional level - there are many reasons we are failing to retain our staff and also small businesses are struggling to survive when they can't scale and grow with too much staff turnover.

On top of that - learning as you go is being minimised in challenging work conditions when it's been easy to job-hop, some valuable knowledge and actual career lessons that provide crucial future leadership and decision making skills can be missed out on.

There are more opportunities now than ever before where it's not just about pushing yourself for cash, but instead being able to create a combination package that includes cash, time with family, flexible work locations, productivity rewards, holidays and hobby time. 

Longevity isn't all bad - in fact it builds a legacy and businesses that last and creates strong career pathways with a sense of purpose and direction.

Not all bosses are equal, yes, but when there is a willingness to work together and make conscious decisions on what that can look like (not empty promises from either party) magic can occur.

▶️ The best kind of leadership is self leadership and the companies I am working with at present are really listening to their staff, but also through the radical self belief workshops we are teaching people that communicating your needs with clarity is not conflict. It can't be a one way street.

Here's some top tips on pausing before you try to jump ship too early and miss some valuable experience, learnings and sense of connection with a team and a company:

1. Most employers do truly want the best for their staff. Good managers, leaders and founders take all the responsibility, risk and they do worry about their staff. Ensure you have people around you who are willing to listen and be prepared to take your ideas to your manager or the business owner/CEO where possible.

2. Jumping around places won’t cement experience and opportunity for growth like you think and brings short term highs but lacks stability and in a lot of cases depth of experience.

3. Legacy means thinking about what you want and being able to communicate that with clarity before you just complain about what's not working and see how you could contribute and be clear about what great could look like.

It is essential managers and leaders have clear channels for feedback and don't brush this off.

That is indeed vital - and not making empty promises. However as a contractor or employee being able to work with your company on a career path in today's time really does have merit. i.e don't discount the options until you have actually presented them properly:

▶️ Always take a moment to identify your best ways to be rewarded and recognised and see can you be part of the change - sticking in there can have massive rewards if you do so with the right people for the right reasons.

▶️ Have you communicated your needs and wishes and created a career/job pathway as of now going forward?

▶️ Constructive feedback is not criticism - as an employee make sure you have your KPIs set clearly upfront and as a manager or employer ensure there are regular reviews and genuine check points for feedback without fear.

▶️ As an employer adopt clearer feedback systems and identify key areas for wins along the way that are achievable and measurable for both parties to feel recognised and valued. 

Don’t just follow the crowd - dare to define before you feel FOMO about somewhere else or $ and time and haven’t really thought through what could be right in front of you.

Hope this little kick off mojo inspires you to make a conscious plan for what’s next. 

Happiness at work can be achieved and the radical result of coming together with a company that fits can be a game changer. 

Reach out with q's on how to present your feedback and ideas to an employer so you can make a difference for yourself and create a roadmap that inspires and rewards at work.

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