The Energy of Attribution

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The Energy Of Attribution 

How acknowledging who and what inspires you, skills you have learnt, or quotes you are sharing -  paves the way for sustainable shared success.

Simple steps in today's saturated market where we can lead by example to celebrate original content that resonates and pay it forward.

As an author, speaker and coach with my own models and IP, I know that in today's digital landscape and increasing AI for copywriting, sharing and repurposing content - we may be missing the very values that allow us to actually acknowledge a source and pay it forward.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing the key note presentation for the Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network AGM Breakfast. Afterwards, signing books, sharing models and receiving fantastic follow up of how some of the quotes, inspiration and messaging resonated with those in the room.

Some social media posts of the presentation and the quotes from the book were shared and as well, attributed back to me with a tag and a mention. Such a wonderful thing to see as an author and creator of original content.

There's no greater compliment than when your work is:

a) celebrated

b) attributed back to you

c) applied and shared with others with attribution back to you as the source

Whilst copyright and the legal landscape for being able to even track and register your work is a journey that is almost impossible to find a solution at times - there are a set of human values and interdependence, collaboration and co-creation that demonstrate the very best thing any of us can do when we are inspired by others.

It takes 2 seconds to share and acknowledge the source.

  • Tag, comment and place their names and details legibly
  • Lead by example as to how you would want your work celebrated
  • Acknowledgement is humility and respect - along with the energy of true collaboration.
  • This relates to not only online content, courses, books and presentations, it also relates to trade, skills and ways of doing things that may have a slight special aspect for efficiency that you have learnt off a colleague or a friend. Formally acknowledge that.

It's free, it is respectful and it leads by example. Instead of complaining that it does not happen for you - be the change and do more of it yourself so that this in turn demonstrates what can be done, instead of what isn't.

Whatever the past situations, or the landscape we are in now - it's the small elements each of us can do to recognise and attribute that makes the difference.

Comment, share and thank the sources who inspire you. Request use of models or presentation content and be transparent so you can lead by example and be the change.

No matter how cluttered the market there is always room for the following:

  • Share the sources of your inspiration and frameworks
  • Acknowledge those who have shared, mentored and passed on their skills
  • Tag, comment, make visible models and worksheets you love
  • It's never too late to loop back and tag, comment, share or send a thank you note or write a testimonial.

This life of ours is integrated with both personal and professional aspects that are uniquely intertwined. Significance and being seen is a basic human need. Not so much in the search for fame - but in the sense that each of us contribute and our ideas matter.

What can you do differently as an individual and an organisation to pay it forward, attribute and lead by example to support original work in this copycat world.

Yours in Mojo


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