The Traffic Light Model - What's in Flow vs What has to Go.

checpoint review and refine how to assess what is working radical self belief self leadership traffic light model vital steps for leadership what works Mar 31, 2022

The Traffic Light Model - What's in Flow vs What has to Go. 


This weeks #factsandstatsfriday highlight is a little video to explain the value of the Traffic Light Model from Checkpoint 5 Review and Refine in the book Radical Self Belief.

It can be applied to ANYTHING from projects, to people, places to even considering what is working in a family dynamic or your own health and wellbeing.

This worksheet is available in the course modules full PDF download and the book and naturally coaching. 

The key to limiting overwhelm and keeping agile is regular pit stops to regroup and check what is working and what isn't.  Plus  a framework to know what is in flow, what's stuck and what's a no-go.

A reminder this week that these models are proven tools you can use at any time and the simplicity of them is where the beauty is.

1. GREEN - in flow

2. AMBER  - stuck or something uncertain - could go either way

3. RED - not a positive functioning aspect in your ecosystem. Should not be ignored but rather seen for what it is and either completed, stopped or removed in order to allow space for the right alignment to sit in place.

This could even pertain to an outdated financial planning strategy, a relationship that is not reciprocal.

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As always: I'd love to hear your biggest challenges and give you the best tools to create flow rather than force your way through for radical results. 

Yours in Mojo, have a great weekend



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