Success 2.0: The New Metrics for Modern Life

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Success 2.0: The New Metrics for Modern Life.

4 pillars to help you define YOUR own definition of what great looks like, regardless of what you might have thought before. 

Ever wonder why, despite ticking all the boxes of what's traditionally considered "success," something still doesn't quite add up? Could it be that you're running in someone else's lane, aiming for someone else's finish line? Today, let's dial down the noise and focus on what success genuinely means for you, both as a business leader and the CEO of your own life.

Breaking away from outdated paradigms to explore what success truly means in today's ever-evolving landscape.

This blog dives into the vital components that are really vital for sustainable success and happiness: ranging from work/life blend to finance, freedom of time and personal well-being. Giving you a holistic view that could redefine your approach to success.

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So, let's dive in.

Making a pit stop to define what success means

When is the last time you really sat down and considered what your own idea of success looks like. Without any interference, suggestions or interpretations. Just an unfiltered approach.

I officially like to call this your Pizza Order.

Why You Need to Re-Define Success

There’s no universal blueprint for success. Sure, society tries to hand us one, but one-size-fits-all? Far from it. When you aim to be the CEO of your entire life, and not just your business, you take back the steering wheel. You decide where you're going—personally and professionally.

The first thing to do no matter what stage, phase or age is to grab a pen and paper and start thinking about what your ultimate happiness factor would be. How do you want to spend your time, what financial goals do you have, what career or skills goals and what about relationships, health and ME time, adventure etc. 

How would you know when you've 'made it' in your own terms?

The Non-Negotiable: Mastering Work/Life Blend

Achieving milestones in your career? That's great, but it’s not the full picture.

Introducing the concept of work/life blend - which I've been coaching on for over 2 decades and is in all of my books. You can't negotiate with time - you need to integrate a blend of elements to create sustainable health, wealth and happiness without giving one thing up for the other.

A seamless integration of your professional achievements with your personal values, lifestyle, and the 5 Pillars of Vitality: Me Time, Health and Wellbeing, Friends and Family, Career and Finances, and Giving Back. This is how you create sustainable success. Click here if you need a refresher on Winning Weeks®.

How do you put pen to paper on all of this?

The Mojo Success Matrix Meets "Vitality Pillars"

Let's get down to the nuts and bolts.

Your actionable guide to defining your unique blend of success involves a five-box matrix that incorporates your career goals alongside the 5 Pillars of Vitality.

Box 1: Career Milestones + Finances

  • What professional achievements actually excite you?
  • What is your ideal of good sustainable wealth. How is that made up of equity, cash on hand etc

Box 2: Self-Development + Health and Wellbeing

  • Are you investing in personal growth while also nurturing your physical and emotional health?
  • Are you motivated about your wellbeing and what can be a catalyst to form healthy habits naturally?

Box 3: Quality Connections + Friends and Family

  • How enriching are the relationships you maintain?
  • Who do you want to spend more time with?
  • How does a healthy happy relationship/partnership look and are you being your true authentic self?

Box 4: Lifestyle + Me Time

  • Does your career/commitments afford you the life you desire outside of work?
  • Are you making the time for yourself and the moments to recharge and be happy on your own
  • Do you have clear goals of what hobbies or ME time moments actually would light you up?

Bonus Box: Giving Back

  • What are you contributing to the greater good?
  • How does that look within your inner circle?
  • What areas are you passionate about helping and supporting? 


Your CEO Action Plan: It's Audit Time

  1. List your immediate thoughts for each box and Vitality Pillar.
  2. Rate each item from 1-10 based on how well it aligns with your core values.
  3. Revise anything scoring under 7—those are societal impositions, not your personal benchmarks.
  4. Review this matrix quarterly, because being the CEO of your life means conducting regular performance reviews.

The Final Takeaway (Which is really just the beginning in a really good way)

Being a successful leader in your life or work is commendable.

But blending this success with personal satisfaction, aligned with your core values and the Vitality Pillars, is where the real magic happens.

So, don't just chase success—redefine it. Shape it into something that's uniquely yours and brings genuine fulfilment.

Remember, you're the CEO of your life. So take charge, make conscious decisions, and create a life where your professional achievements are in harmony with your personal values and aspirations.

Until next time, stay authentic and welcome to the driver's seat!


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