How to shift your mindset from programmed to positive like a pro

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How to shift your mindset from programmed to positive like a pro

3 core steps to learn and use on repeat to flex your conscious mental muscle

It's nice to be back behind the computer jotting out some musings for this Monday's Mojo!

I trust you enjoy this addition as it has a little image you can save, re-share and reference when you’d like a radical reminder on the art of mastering your mindset like a pro.

I know keeping positive is not easy - especially if you've had challenging experiences in life. I get it.

What is crucial is, as an individual, we feel empowered to course correct as and when required, to make conscious decisions and create cognitive habits that can form a better chance of happiness and sustainable success.

This, like any skill to be mastered, it needs to be practiced.....

Let's dive right in:

Fundamentally there are two ways to look at shifting your mindset:

1) Being aware that your subconscious patterns, beliefs, past experiences and programming may not be serving you so well anymore.

Identifying those limiting beliefs and self chatter, downloading heaps of understanding around why that exists..but not really applying the basics to move through those new revelations so you kinda keep getting stuck back in the old cycles like a boomerang.


2) Understand the above, and then take action to apply the basics of neuroplasticity like your life truly depends on it.


- To actively work at reframing your old pattern  thoughts and retraining your brain  to choose the better outcome one instead, like what I refer to as your mental gym. 

- Flexing a positive mindset is flexing a different set of mental muscles than just fear, shame, blame, guilt, defensiveness, avoidance and lack.

To do this with results takes practicing the following aspects on purpose, making sure the following foundations become more of your default hard drive - even when heavy lifting (stressful situations) moments occur:

  • Abundance, opportunity, self confidence, calm, clarity, possibility, curiosity, courage, conviction.

It is very easy to read about this and understand it. However I want to demonstrate and coach on how to actually apply it.

No one else can do this for you either.  Without intent and a will to actually commit to this shift - it won't work. 

"Life does stuff to you" - OR you harness the "I do things with life" response.

It's not easy , yes I know - but it is totally possible, if that's where you want to be standing.

"It’s so important to actually accept we are the sum of subconscious past programming and the now and the future path we build with how we talk to ourselves as much as others and the actions we take to truly be truly aware of how our thoughts become our reality"


Want to start really mastering your mindset? 

Use these three steps on repeat:

a) Awareness

b) Attitude

c) Action 

Download the image from my quote sets below and remember those three steps work in unison and can be applied as often as needed.


- Just like any muscle, your "positive on purpose" muscle mentally needs a regular workout.

- To be truly applied for it to become a strong and central part of your inner GPS and how you respond to people, places, projects and things around you.

This sort of stuff is not just reserved for elite athletes and leaders.

- These are essential tools to empower the very fabric of our every day work by creating connected, grounded and self sufficiency in us all.

- To back our own ideas with courage and to understand when we need to lean in to change rather than hold tight to the known but “limited” belief system.

Put your adventure suit on, have an open mind and start APPLYING these principles.

Only you have the power to change your mindset and regardless of whatever is going on around you - that is the one VERY thing you have control over if you really want to.

I hope you enjoy a little clip I made too on why radical self acceptance is the best foundation for building self belief.

You can watch it on my instagram  or scroll below for youtube link and watch in this post. It’s just 38 seconds. But worth it!

Haven’t got Radical Self Belief the online program with me yet? CLICK HERE. Two packages, and plenty of radical content to ensure you are in the driver’s seat of life.

Observe your thoughts this week (what's really holding you back..) and I hope this message today finds you at just the right time.

Yours in Mojo


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