The Business Of Energy with Chris Way

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The Business of Energy With Chris Way 

We all want utopia for our planet and still be able to eat, order, drive, fly and do what we love so much during our day to day lives.

I chat with one of my long time visionary clients and founder of Bridgeport Energy, Chris Way on why an integrated approach to energy is the wisest and most viable way to bridge the gap between now and our future supplies for a booming population and just one planet.

Productivity around an integrated energy source for the ever growing population means weaving in all possibilities that create the current energy sources needed and the best most planet friendly options for our long term sustainability.

Innovation and technology

Carbon capture, water distillation, hydrogen energy and more as well as the traditional sources of oil and gas that are currently feeding the worlds grids.

It takes oil and gas derivatives to make solar panels and products. Solar panels, wind generators and hydrogen energy all require current energy sources to build, create, transport and set up.

Companies like Bridgeport, BHP and Santos are always looking at the longer term integration and making headway now to ensure a more sustainable approach  - we know there are many examples of things gone wrong however there are also great examples of companies like the one lead by Chris who are striving and committed to doing it right and putting a great responsible culture along side a massive industry.

If you watch the video you will see my little diagram about the sweet spot - the fact we are all working towards utopia and the education around choices for now, best practice to help clean up the past and better practice to ensure a bright new future are all at play. It's just we don't hear and read about it often enough.

Doing more to ensure a sustainable future

Chris and his company are an incredible source of direct line to sight hands on work to reflect the longer term planning

  • Putting water back into the communities that so desperately need it
  • Looking at Carbon Capture and other energy renewables and being the first to bring out one of the unique FDUnits that creates pure water  to then be made into portable/drinkable water. Something I look forward to explaining in its own podcast and video.

We may not hear about it enough - but Oil and Gas is cleaning up its act and this is a true example of a small dynamic visionary team who won't cut corners and work on making sure we have a viable solution for our communities now and well into the future.

Energy Stocks with the green tick

In addition to energy supplies there is also the responsible investment discussion and not all energy companies should be tarred with the same brush. In fact a new certification ensures you can look for cleaner/environmentally conscious energy corporates for energy stocks with a specialty fund management certification launched from the US to give your investment money the green tick on supporting our good value driven energy stocks. Value meaning both culture and commerce. 

Founders like Chris don't tick boxes on policy - they lobby to make a stronger case for a more sustainable, healthier planet with an integrated and responsible approach. 

You won't find much about their vision and operations behind the scenes on CO2 credits, water distillation and regenerating prior hardware for future benefit = so here's a sneak peak to spark the discussion.

For more connect with Chris on LinkedIn or leave a comment here or with your questions.

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Chris and I would love your questions so he has a platform to provide some true insights as to what we can all do from solar to electric cars. 

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I hope you enjoyed this interview.

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