Radical Reminder - you will never have more time than you do right now

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Radical Reminder -  You will never have more time than you do right now

Take a moment to look at that awesome photo by Brent Bielmann of Kelly Slater winning at Pipeline over the weekend in February.


What an achievement - one for the history books. Talent is one thing but hard work, determination and then a radical mindset is everything.

We rarely see what goes on behind the achievements of others. The fight to stay focused, the overcoming of obstacles, self doubt, injuries and losses.

We all know it's lonely, rough and full-on on the road to chase your dreams / even when you’re the best in the world (probably more so).

This email is to remind you that you're an athlete in your own world. Don’t give up on something that lights a fire inside you. Keep going. But how do you stay motivated to not give up?  

Radical Reminder to Start Now

It is your fundamental WHY that matters. It has to be so compelling TO YOU and FOR you, that it overrides your old excuses.

Getting super honest here:

  • Is there something you've always wanted/had on your goals list lately and yet you are not really taking the real steps to make it happen?
  • It could be health, finance, family, romance, career, creative, fun or adventure..but whatever it is - it consumes you and yet you never quite get consistent about creating the change you want to see?

 - > What if we could unlock that inner GPS that will move you so much you can't not set out to make your ideal year or long standing personal goal a reality?

-> So that it will create such a strong push and reason that you'll finally feel connected to making things happen..

Like nothing could get in your way?...

You can read all the inspo you want, listen to all the podcasts and like all your heroes posts on social media - however YOU have to be the one to take action in your own life.

A moment will define that, when the WHY is stronger than the why not:

  • Is it that moment you look in the mirror and can't take it any more 
  • You want to give up smoking or achieve more because you want to be the best role model for your kids
  • A near death scare suddenly made you sit up and take notice that your health is your wealth and life is short
  • Fed up in your job and dying for a change a final straw pushes you to take a leap of faith to embark on being truly be happy in what you do

How long have you WANTED for something but never really threw yourself into working for it?


It's the difference between wishing and doing:

- "Trying" is not the answer

- Hoping is not the answer

- You need to find your most compelling reason why that will have you actually DOING the little steps that make the big stuff happen.


Because I am going to show you how to get that - with 21 radical reminders as your simple roadmap to get out of your own way and make something you really want happen.  Starting today.

If you're truly serious about achieving something that keeps eluding you - we will find your WHY to really make it happen. 

We are not looking for perfection. We are looking for progress. For purpose and passion - even if it is the most simplest goal - the confidence to go after it. 

In this series of 21 Radical Self Belief Mojo Makers I am going to help you dig deep and find THE burning reason that will make you take that leap of faith. 

Think of it as a free 21 day personal challenge to define your WHAT, anchor your personal WHY and put yourself FIRMLY in the driver's seat no matter what your goal.

Let's get started! Radical Reminder #1


Checkpoint 1: Define what your goal is:

What change/goal would you fight for?

Record your goal and your why, or if you have got a book, course, been coached or attended a masterclass join the new private Facebook group and share it there for #MotivationMonday.

No one is looking at how good you are, how perfect it is - most of all the good people around you just want you to thrive and be happy.

We all have the same storm at present - and I hope this community offers a safe harbour as you embark on 2022 and make it a magic year no matter what.

From a late night handwritten Mojo and blog  - as Ron Burgundy would put it - "stay classy" wherever you are,


PS: Stop wishing and start doing. 


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