Radical Self Belief

radical self belief video Jul 07, 2021

Radical Self Belief - An express session with the 3 tools to master self, dismiss doubt and get into the driver's seat of life.

How to repeatedly practice stepping out of self doubt - even when the chips are down you have the power to change your thoughts and put the right actions into place. ⚡️

An express series mini Mojo Maker: ⚡️

3 steps to ensure you are absolutely focused on backing yourself, believing in yourself and understanding the difference between ego and centred decision making. 🤓


How daily practice and radical awareness creates a shift in perspective then in reality when you learn you have all the tools you need to do this.


Getting in the driver’s seat, listening to your intuition (your inner GPS) seeing it but not letting self doubt be your saboteur.


Life is a rally - all conditions and all seasons. It’s how we show up that counts - no one can put the tools into place and change your mindset to improve your reality - that is entirely your own responsibility.

1. Be aware of your ego and accept it’s there but trust your gut instead

2. Choose your thoughts, your words and your actions. No blame or projection - no excuses.


These are your own control 3. Be on purpose with shifting this daily - don’t leave it to chance - ask yourself what have I done today to show up for myself and practice radical self belief....


Slow and steady wins the race - cement new positive habits with consistency and courage.



Check out the Leap of Faith video and Your Ego is Not Your Amigo - on my podcast The Mojo Maker and in my playlist here on YouTube



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