Participation over Perfection

accountability achievement goals monday mojo participation progress radical tips results Jan 18, 2022

My message this week is PARTICIPATION above PERFECTION.

I'm surrounded by some of the world's best athletes, pioneers, game changers and trend makers. Can you imagine if I wanted to go play tennis or head out on the water fishing or try a surf with the best in the biz - but thought to myself "I'll go join when I am as good as they are"? HAHA I would never go anywhere or try anything would I! 

One of the biggest hurdles I see when people ask me how I can write so much content, or do so many activities or stay energised, positive and fit despite a big workload, is that most people WANT so much but they are not willing to put the work in to get it, be it, do it or share it. 

So when I ask them a response (one of my pet peeves) is "yeah but..."

There are no buts. You either want change or growth or you don't.

You either want to be fitter, healthier, more in flow, happier, or you don't. If you WANT that  - then you need to be prepared to do daily habits towards any of those aspects. 

  • It is up to YOU - no one else
  • Your choice of thoughts
  • Your choice of actions

 I am not afraid of how I look trying. I afraid of not giving something a go 

I have a child-like curiosity for most things (not including snakes - just putting that out there).  That curiosity overrides fear of failure.

My biggest promise to myself is to SHOW UP in life. I don't have to prove anything - I am just very grateful to be alive, alert and agile. 

I have had some radical reminders that make me FULLY appreciate my body, mind and soul. From bus accidents to near fatal jelly fish stings, to cycling accidents and losing loved ones during lock down. 

So I embrace the present.

I embrace participation over perfection

Never let perfection get in the way of showing up and doing it anyways. 

Ask me how I stay fit? 

Ask me how I stay positive?

I practice what I preach. I use all the tools, I listen to my body, I appreciate the day even when it feels like there is no sunshine in all the storms. I KNOW there is a lot to be grateful for.  We all know these are basic principles - but they actually work. Within the foundations of neuroscience, what you feed your mind with - you become.

The secret to success is living now - doing something you have dreamed of now, trying something new now.

I really want to show you how to do that! So that's exactly what all my work is dedicated to doing:  Empowering you to find your flow, abundance and absolute sweet spot in life. 

If you wanted to join in on anything and have a go - what would that be? 

Take a moment and ask yourself what could I do that would be fun, a challenge, active or actively getting me closer to my best state of being?


  1. Keep it simple
  2. Join someone else - level up with an expert  - even if it's tennis or fishing with friends good mates will love sharing their knowledge. Or find a coach who truly loves passing on their sport/activity with passion and purpose.I am so lucky to have great coaches around me that are just as excited to teach as I am to learn. For example the Polo coach, or the tennis crew even. Excited to see others enjoy the sport/activity they love so much. It's actually how I feel about working with my clients  - I get such a kick out of seeing them excel it's shared wins and grins.  
  3. Challenge yourself in all quadrants (mental/physical/spiritual/emotional). Learning something new that is active and a skill ignites all those aspects at once. 

As I said to my private clients on a check in email this morning, with some radical reminders, it takes two to tango:  "If only you knew what was truly possible and how a state of flow as the norm really felt all the time. That's what I want to instil and empower you with".

So this week I wanted to share where I get my "can do" attitude from and how this approach creates radical results. 

You won't get anywhere without taking action.  Are you following through on the tools or just thinking about it?

Your radical cheerleader 


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