Mindset Mastery - 5 resets for a productive week

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Mindset Mastery - 5 resets for a productive week 

Want more time and to be more productive with the hours you have? Great! Read on... 

I am constantly takig a moment when I hit "inertia points" of low productivity or going round in circles on taking action - and get really honest with where I may be sabotaging my own progress or success - sometimes discovering the "inertia" being purely based on fear to start or fear of failure.

a) It's easy to set a goal.

b) The real work is in following through - with pure conviction.

So to give you a little dose of mojo and no excuses (or in the words of David Goggins "no whining or crying about it")...

Here are 5 ways to replace 5 pesky little limiting beliefs, that can hold back even the most driven individuals.

Even the most seasoned of high performers work hard on radical habits and overcoming mental roadblocks when it comes to following through on an idea, a work/life blend goal or making a week really productive when there are so many demands on their time.

1. The Fear of Failure

It's human nature to want to succeed, but don't let the fear of failure paralyse you. In fact, according to recent research by Harvard Business Review, "embracing failure can lead to increased resilience and innovation".


Recognise the failure trigger, but reframe that to be an opportunity to follow through anyway. You won't regret it.

2. Analysis Paralysis

Ever spent hours pondering a decision only to make no progress? That's analysis paralysis. Making decisions with confidence can actually improve your decision-making skills over time. You don't need all the steps lined up - take one action and then the next. NO decision is a decision in itself and can lead to feeling stuck and overwhelm. 

Just take a leap and make micro steps. This is on Season 5 of Radical Self Belief the podcast Episode 172 coming out Friday 15th Sept. Listen here on any of your fav podcast platforms.

3. Impostor Syndrome

Even the best of us sometimes feel like frauds, despite our achievements. It is standard in a world where comparison is on every corner and often it never feels enough what you have done to date.

If impostor syndrome is hampering your progress, it's time to Taylor Swift it and "shake it off". Feel the fear and do it anyway.


4. Lack of Focus

In a world filled with distractions, maintaining focus is tougher than ever.

Science tells us that the Pomodoro Technique, a time-management method, can improve focus and productivity. It's 25-minute stretches of focused work broken by five-minute breaks. Give it a go!  If that's too much use the 5 min action and don't skim past something. 

Small elements add up to massive productive wins, create hyper focused sessions and support time management and increases your ability to set better boundaries and 'say no' or can I get back to you at....without apology.

5. Emotional Drain

We can't ignore the emotional toll that work and life can bring. Knowing your own red flags and staying calm under pressure - i.e. self-regulation can significantly improve job performance and well-being. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Know what is really worth getting upset about and let the rest go. If you've been in a real life crisis - suddenly stressing over a board report or an email becomes irrelevant. Do great work. Trust your expertise, stress won't give you a better outcome.

Consistency wins over binge statements:

Conquering these hurdles won't happen overnight. But with targeted strategies and a commitment to micro moments shifting your mindset, you'll be well on your way to crushing your goals for true sustainable success and have rewired old patterns in the process.

In checkpoint 2 of Radical Self Belief - it's all about awareness. The greatest tool we have is to master our mindset. Whatever the conditions we have the power to think and respond instead of react. 

So take a dose of Goggins and a little dose of Mojo, mix that together and set yourself the challenge of choosing at least 1 limiting belief  to swipe left on and replace with "I get to do this".

The best way to replace a limiting thought is to take an action that shows you are committed to your own success.

Whatever that definition is - be all in!


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