From Bodybuilder to Beacon of Hope: A Conversation with Leon Stensholm

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From Bodybuilder to Beacon of Hope: A Conversation with Leon Stensholm


Welcome to another exciting episode as we kick off Season 5 of "Radical Self Belief" the podcast. This one is extra special: sharing insights from my recent conversation with one of my favourite humans Leon Stensholm. 

Leon, a former bodybuilder, is the founder BodyByLeon and a vital ground breaking youth centre for suicide prevention on the Sunshine Coast. His journey of overcoming personal challenges and his unwavering self-belief and perseverance are truly inspiring.

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The mission is simple, `To re-connect our disconnected youth and provide a safe place they can re-connect again, laugh more, smile more and grow more`! This facility is a state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind Centre offering boxing sessions, a fully equipped gymnasium, a table tennis table, a pool table, event nights, educational programs and chillout areas.

The Journey of Leon Stensholm

Leon's story is one of resilience and determination. He has faced numerous personal challenges, including the tragic loss of his brother to suicide. However, he has managed to channel his pain into positive actions, opening a youth centre for suicide prevention. His journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and perseverance.

Leon's approach to life is centered around what I refer to as the "trifecta" of mind, body, and spirit. He believes in aligning these three aspects to maintain faith and set healthy boundaries. His dedication to helping others is truly admirable, and his story serves as a reminder to us all to pay it forward and give back to our communities.

The Power of Vulnerability and Faith

During our conversation, Leon shared his emotional experience of opening the youth centre. He emphasised the importance of vulnerability in building relationships and receiving support from others. He also highlighted the role of faith in his journey, describing it as the ability to know that everything will be okay, even when it's not visible in the present.

Leon's faith is not tied to any religious doctrine. Instead, it transcends rationality, much like quantum physics, where anything is possible. This faith, coupled with a strong belief in himself, has helped him overcome doubt and negative thoughts.

Balancing Mind, Body, and Soul

Leon stressed the importance of maintaining a balance between the mind, body, and soul. He shared his personal transformation, from struggling in school to graduating from university, writing books, and establishing this new generation centre for young adults and their families. His success, he believes, is attributed to his self-belief and taking actions that he never thought he could do.

The Importance of Setting Boundaries

Leon and I discussed the sense of responsibility that comes with our work and the challenges we face behind the scenes. Emphasising the importance of setting boundaries and not taking on everything himself. He shared how he learned from burning himself out in the past and now relies on the support of charities.

Daily Rituals and Gratitude

Radical habits create solid foundations and in this episode, Leon shared his daily rituals and the importance of gratitude in his life. He believes that gratitude can change our brainwaves and is a key factor in overcoming depression. Stressing the importance of doing the work and not just expecting instant results.

I wholeheartedly agree with Leon, adding that it's essential to focus on the basics and execute them consistently. These small routines, or "micro moments," build a solid foundation for success. I also like to remind the importance of staying calm and grounded in the face of external challenges. That's the power of the mindset that Leon has mastered in his own world as well. 

The Power of Giving Back

Leon and I touched on the significance of giving back and how it can bring a sense of fulfilment and presence. Leon's experience is shared in the story he tells of how he dedicated his Sundays to helping others without expecting anything in return.


"Giving back is the greatest thing a human being can do" and that it charges him with positive energy.

Taking Action and Giving Back

In this episode we encourage you to listen, lean in and how the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference.  Whether it's by spending quality time with loved ones, being present in conversations, or finding ways to contribute to the community.

Investing in oneself and taking action can create more time and opportunities in the day.

Final Thoughts

In closing, Leon shared his mantra of taking action and not letting past failures define one's future. He reflects on his own journey, including failed businesses, and how those experiences ultimately led him to where he is today. His story is a powerful reminder that we all have the potential to overcome our challenges and make a positive impact on the world.

Special thanks for the time on this episode Leon. You're a true example of practicing what you preach.

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For more info on Leon, his centre and his documentary THINK! 👇🏻


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