How to process mental pressure like a pro

how to handle mental pressure mindset reduce stress self leadership Aug 14, 2022

How to process mental pressure like a pro

 How you manage your mindset is the most important strategy of all.

This weeks blog below is #20 of #21 Radical Reminders! It's 5:10pm after a long day and I always contemplate before I write these: What's really going on for my clients and that world out there I talk with each day.

If I have to choose one topic, one focus, one thing to help my readers and those around them navigate this week,  what will it be?

For me this week's Mojo is how to deal with the mounting mental pressure.

  • How on EARTH do we deal with more and more uncertainty, the pain of interest rates, inflation and more COVID off the back of an already exceptionally hard 3-4 years where leaders, our communities and every single person regardless of age or title, has been tested.
  • Emotionally, physically, financially, and in a lot of ways  - totally spiritually tested in the ability to have faith in a system that is so outdated, we forget that the most important one of all is to have faith in ourselves.

After 2 decades working with the highest performing industries and elite individuals in the world, I spend all my time making sure we have the necessary tools to navigate this modern landscape like a pro.

There is NO handbook anywhere that says you have to suffer to be successful or just to survive - but that is in fact what so many people are experiencing regardless of age or title.

I am absolutely dedicated to making sure we can create bite size strategies that REDUCE the amount of apps and things to do as a reliance - and really build a sense of self belief, inner confidence and trust.

  • Getting back to basics is essential.
  • The tools to help you navigate this rally of life are about simplicity and a dedication to the habits of shifting your headspace from chaos to calm.

On this week's blog I wanted to talk with you - my radical tribe, about how to handle pressure like a pro.

There is another way where burnout, overwhelm and absolute confusion are not part of your days and weeks. However you have to be willing to let old stories go, to create a new future.

As Laird Hamilton once said - "make sure your worst enemy isn't sitting between your ears".


  1.  Take charge of yourself - with radical focus to do the small habits.

- I know it's almost impossible once the mindset of fear, overwhelm, confusion and worst case scenario thinking kicks in - it's not easy at all. However IT IS possible.

- You need to really want to. To really want to be in the driver's seat of your inner thoughts - even when the darkest moments just seem like they are caving you in - find that tiny element of light, the bit where you know you have got yourself through so much before.

  1.  Understand that you're not alone, and in leaning in to support and the tools you can build momentum. Good people won't enable you to stay stuck in a story. They will test you on your need to keep going round in circles and it may be confronting but that's what you want. Be consciously aware of any self sabotage that we all do without even realising it.
  2.  Show up for yourself and apply the tools. Plan your Winning Weeks©, use the free worksheets in all the books for example - don't just flip through pages and auto-pilot consume. Apply. Test things out for more than 3 days. Commit to your daily habits and rituals that create mental space to make good decisions.
  • Do not PUSH through a busy day.
  • Sit for 10 mins at the beginning and the end and do a list and a regroup
  • Be aware of your negative inner voice

  • Face your 'fear' of what could go wrong and instead oxygenate the thoughts of what you want to go right. FOCUS hard on those aspects with pure determination.

  • Learn to switch off, step away from work and go for a walk, spend time with your kids, your partner, anything but trying to plough through when you are already tired.
  • Ask questions
  • Be curious
  • Listen to the people who demonstrate positive financial and culture qualities (not just talk about it)

If you apply the basic tools it actually works - you can't wing it.

It takes the same amount of discipline to be the best F1 driver as it does to be the best version of yourself when you are dealing with the pressures of your day to day race track. ..I know that analogy seems ridiculous but it is all relative.

The difference is - elite athletes have coaches helping them move through self doubt, self criticism and mental unrest.

Well I am here to support you in any way I can. Please download the tools, free worksheets, and listen to the podcasts. APPLY the steps though. It won't work unless you

Reach out for more, books, online programs, videos or however I can help.

The most important asset of all is yourself so take good care of that first and you can build anything.

  • As I always say - oxygen mask first. Sustainable success is finding that sweet spot we all have that is our magic balance with work/life blend.
  • No one else can do it for you - but I certainly have all the tips, tools, sheets, resources and anything you need as the framework to make it a reality.

Courage always creates opportunity.

Stay radical, and be kind (to yourself especially)


* Winning Weeks and all other worksheets are available in the books Fitpreneur and Radical Self Belief. Click here for more and use code RSB10 for 10% off. 

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