What if it all goes right? How to reframe negative thinking

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What if it all goes right? How to reframe negative thinking 

Some of you who are on my Monday Mojo© email list have been writing back to me via the mojos or leaving comments with what pesky negative limiting beliefs have been challenging you, and where the roadblocks are for you right now.

Thank you so much for being so open and sharing these really important elements that are getting in the way of you feeling on top of the world at the moment. Humbling to read some of your stories. 

My goal is always to give you some radical personalised support to shift yourself into real confidence and clarity.

SO: Let's start with 101: Reframing your thoughts.

Lots on for you I'm sure, and I hazard a guess that there are many moments you're feeling pulled in all directions, pressure and in some cases anxiety about work. life or personal things going on. 

Part of being an adult. Yes. 

Do we have to feel a heavy burden about it all though? NO!

This is the point that I would like to show you, how to NOT to have to do the mental heavy lifting... Via these mojos, this blog post, my programs and musings on videos etc you can pick up the tools I am setting down for you to see this new terrain requires a different roadmap. 

I have just the one for you as well. 😃 

First up, let me set the scene:

Earlier this week, I was writing to a new group of cool people who have opted in the download the first checkpoint of Radical Self Belief for free (YES THAT'S RIGHT, GET THE FIRST CHAPTER FREE - CLICK HERE). ..

I was sharing my little personal mantra about Thought Tinder and how vital it is to flex the ''what if it all goes right" mental muscle. ....

As opposed to the doom and gloom, panic sets in, overworked and overloaded ..cue stressed out thought process one.

I refer to stress based thinking as "HEAVY LIFTING".


Because we are conditioned to pick up the 'burdens' of uncertainty and responsibility - rather than take the attitude of a Red Bull athlete and embrace the heck out of rugged situations.

Hence why I wrote a book and a whole program about adulting and navigating the rally of life. Embracing uncertainty, chaos and rugged life conditions like a pro. Those 7 checkpoints really work.

However you need to be willing to swipe left on old programs that will always pop up. 

..... keep reading....

It's not your day, it's how you view it. I’ve got a really important tool I use each day when I feel overworked and overwhelm kicks in..... I call it THOUGHT TINDER.  

Maybe you will have read it before on a Mojo but consider this a radical reminder.  

How quickly can you recognise something as a challenge but then de-funk yourself and shift into a better mindset?

What? Yes,  read below on how to do that👇🏻

It's a little model I have created to demonstrate how to shift your thinking and it will be in my next book FYI  - however you can listen to the podcast right now and get the inside scoop click that link above OR......⬇️

Here is the video of it as well... 

The best way to shift your mood, outcome and stress levels is to be aware of those heavy burden thoughts - but then SWIPE LEFT and do not go further with them.


Instead get up if you can from where you are sitting, or if you can't (i.e. if you're driving or using machinery for example...) then make a conscious effort to swop that negative thought, feeling and worry to "the next right thing". 

  • Make a list of priorities and what's on your mind (yes me and my lists with pen and paper, or jot it down in your phone if you have to)
  • Set your mind clear on what you CAN do vs what you think you have to do
  • Get practical - stop churning over what you can't control - like banks, and exes, the weather, people not showing up, a pandemic...etc etc
  • Go grab a glass of water or something to break the moment
  • Write down the negative thought or worries and replace it with a positive one - on purpose.

It is called REFRAMING. It can improve your life in significant ways!

It's so simple you will think 'no way'  - but it really works.


The main thing is you have to actually get in the habit of doing this little re-wire exercise to prevent negative thinking and stress getting in the way of productivity and a positive mindset.

So, are you reading any of the other free content, blogs and watching the videos or listening to the podcasts on my website?

What resonates the most for you and would you want to dive into the books or program if you could?  You can check out more videos etc that are free and spontaneous tips and tools by clicking the button below. 

Let me know if you liked this little radical reminder - and don't forget... if you do the same thing as you have always done you will get the same results.

Give my THOUGHT TINDER a go! 

Yours in Mojo, reach out by hitting reply...


PS: Who's doing their Winning Weeks© by the way?  



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