Radical Reminders - Dare to Do Things Differently

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Radical Reminder - If you want different you need to do different


#2 or 21 radical reminders: A new terrain requires a new roadmap

This is from Radical Self Belief the book  - checkpoint 3 "Accountability" - How to Show Up For Yourself.

If you want different results you need to do things differently

Here are 3 main points on if we want change and to see different results - then we need to create a different set of habits ourselves: 

  1. DO DIFFERENT: If you want to have different results then make sure you make a conscious effort to do things differently.

     - i.e. GO for a walk instead of talking about it. Learn more about P&L and budgets instead of feeling like you're no good at finance. Do the work around conscious relationships to create the one of your dreams.

  2. THINK DIFFERENT: Be aware of sneaky subconscious patterns and programming that you go back to by default, when things get busy and you lose focus.

 - Remember one of my very original Niktionary quotes: your Ego is not your Amigo.

  1. TAKE ACTION: Don't wait to put the next best step into action.

- What can you do TODAY, right after this that creates a signal to yourself you are taking what you want seriously but doing something about it. It could be research, a phone call, a conversation or lacing up your running shoes?

Looking back at Radial Self Belief reminder #1  There literally is no time like the present.

We have a new landscape in today's world and need to update our internal 'operating system' to match. 

  • What sets of beliefs are outdated and not serving you?
  • Make a list of fears and 'blurts' that keep holding you back in fear and "safety" rather than courage and curiosity

If you want different results you need to do things differently:


If you could change your perspective and approach - knowing only the best outcome awaits if you have the courage to be agile -  what would you do differently?

No matter who’s trying to pull you down - just stay in your own lane, keep grounded in your own truth and use that energy thrown at you as fuel to succeed on your own merit, at your pace and with your vision. Diamonds are made in the rough.

Lift others up - that’s the ONLY way. If someone’s success triggers you - ask yourself how can I be inspired to do more of my own thing and shine in my own right?

There is enough for everyone. 

In this video above you will get the 3 core steps how to build an incredible trusted group of pioneers - to all work together to support people’s true aligned success and DO the right thing.

To stand up for others and to have the courage to pave a new road ahead.

What worked before with bullying, holding people back and intimidation out of fear of others won’t work anymore. There is a new paradigm shift and it starts with each of us showing up for ourselves too.

I hope you're taking time to define what you want and look at what beliefs, ideals, and stories in your head that may be holding you back from taking just the slightest step to shift your coordinates from chaos to calm.

Remember we are ALL leaders in life - it's not the title, it is the attitude that counts. 

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Be radical, always


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