CFO Magazine - 7 Steps on How CFOs can Beat Overwhelm

beat overwhelm cfo magazine media Nov 21, 2021

As featured in CFO Magazine - 7 Steps on How CFOs can Beat Overwhelm

In today’s modern world of accessibility and digital revolution, the epidemic of overwhelm and its effect on society has reached an all-time high. Burn out, depression, reduced decision making capabilities, financial losses and business breakdowns.  Way before COVID came onto our radar, treating overwhelm had become a $300billion dollar industry in the US alone.

The speed at which we live our lives, work, handle information, create transactions and interact with multiple people at any one time is both exhilarating and overwhelming. AI, UI, EI, robotics, automation, blockchain—the list goes on.

... This is the most crucial time as a CFO. Whatever has served you before will no doubt require a hard drive reset. A personal audit.

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