5 Tips To Get Back To The Workplace With Purpose

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5 Tips To Get Back To The Workplace With Purpose.

How to feel empowered, accountable and agile as you shift gears from home to office now people are heading ‘back to work’ in person.

In this episode I take you through my 5 key steps to ensure you can be ready, empowered and energised to return to the workplace on purpose.

Last week Google amongst other companies placed a new mandate that employees need to come back to the office.

No matter where you sit right now and what you may have gotten used to, there is a need to breathe a new connection, productivity and presence back into office spaces - for many reasons.

If you are struggling to get your head around 'getting back to the workplace' here are my 5 core steps to realign the now and next and assist your own transition ( + your families) for the best possible outcome.

Agile versus rigid thinking

It is crucial not to get stuck in what you have just got used to but to see the fundamental opportunities that this may create to harness a shift for companies to re-engage and energise their staff, and for employees to build confidence and connection to working back at the office.

Here are the 5 key checkpoints to ensure you are creating the best chance of success and productivity for yourself (and your work and family) as you transition back to working on location:

  1. Step 1 Be Accountable - make a plan don’t wing it.

  2. Step 2 Be Agile - Design your new version of a winning week™, integrate all the areas of your life with a realistic look at time, locations, logistics and your vital ingredients

  3. Step 3 Take Action - divide and conquer, share tasks, follow through on points 1 and 2 and take the steps to embrace the process

  4. Step 4 Have the right Attitude - how you communicate to yourself about this, how you show up for others and around others all will have a ripple effect on your outcome, enjoyment and results - choose a positive mindset and reframe the situation to see opportunity rather than doom and gloom. Embrace this. Companies need to get more productive, improve employee connection and reconnect with communities - YOU are a part of that.

  5. Step 5 Awareness - Nothing is FINITE. Be aware, follow through and then set a pit stop to review monthly what works and are you being honestly accountable for yourself. Shift a few elements as required and be aware of what is working well, inspiring you and what needs your attention.  


There is an essential ecosystem at play that we are all involved in.

Working together on how to best show up and having transparent conversations, flexible frameworks and clear expectations with room to review and refine is crucial for success.

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