What motivates you vs what motivates your staff

May 26, 2023

What motivates you vs what motivates your staff. Unlocking the people factor in programs.

What you're about to read is not going to be convenient 'kumbyaya" but rather it is real and it is a first hand, deep dive and highly experienced approach that we need to do more than just roll out corporate programs and 'hope it works'.

Also as employees - if you can lean in constructively as programs are being rolled out you will probably get more value than you ever imagined.

We've all got to be willing to have better - and stop using the excuse it's 'more work to get there' and I'm too busy. I would argue quite the contrary. Having an open mind and making the time is vital. 

My mission is to find the way we can make it really simple for people to pick up the tools and run with it in the best way for them at any given time.

This sounds great right!?

So why are uptakes so low and push backs so high when it comes to corporate programs?

Radical Results

After 2 decades of working with corporations and coaching CEO's, I really take what I do to heart. I have spent a lot of time checking in and doing research to see how I can add the most incredible value and learn from each and every touch point to date.

  • All those years of experience (good and the bad) is invaluable. It is what has shaped humility, I am always learning and grounded my unwavering dedication.
  • In order to get real traction with performance and personal programs inside an organisation I've taken a hard look at every program I have run over the past decades and reviewed what worked, what didn't and the "why's and why nots".

So: today I wanted to share the fact that as a leader, HR director, a founder or a well meaning CEO - you may roll out a program as you want the best for your staff and your business.....however

...unless the mindset is there to receive and apply 'the gift of personal growth and accountability' - it's just going to be another thing people are generally 'too busy' to do or feel 'they aren't the boss, so why bother'.

+ it goes deeper than that.

# 1 What motivates you may not land the same with your staff

# 2 Not everyone wants to do the work to get out of the story of being busy, too hard, stressed and overwhelm.. it's become a "norm" and easier to stay there.

# 3 Generally speaking, it takes a while before accountability and then seeing the results really kicks in - so you need to be in for the long haul and by that I mean at least 12 months!

On a general level, studies have found that on average, participation rates for employee wellbeing and performance programs are relatively low. An article published in Harvard Business Review in 2021 found that the average participation rate for programs was ranging between 23-32%. 

What's holding your staff back?

Here are 3 vital aspects we all need to ensure programs get a chance - to shift out of overwhelm and into a collective productive and happier workplace.

#1 ASK where they need help the most - don't assume but use the initial check point to gather feedback, roadblocks and concerns in your staff's own language, in their words.

For example, for all the corporate programs I run, 3 three factors come up as the biggest worries and stress factors - personal finance, time management, health and wellbeing.

  • How we address these pillars - provide the support to move people out of that stress and into a confident calm perspective is dependent on each company and the culture, tone and number of staff.
  • Asking the right questions means anything you roll out is first hand insight and language relevant for your team/co not anyone else's.

#2 Radical Accountability

It is our ability AT ANY level inside an organisation, in our communities or our families, to realise we all actually matter and that we can't continue to complain about stress and overwhelm if we are not willing to do the work provided and use the tools to pull us out of that rat-race for good. 🤷🏼♀️

  • Misery does not need more company.
  • Companies do need more support to ensure the positive programs they are trying to roll out to their employees and contractors are not to "stress people out" but to lend a hand and lift their staff up.

Here's where I come in #noexcuses.

I've been doing this for too long now as a key expert in this space to sit back and say "that's just the way people are". My response (and if you read any mindset and performance program it will be the same) is we have two choices:

  • Identify an issue and do something about it if help is provided.
  • If you're not willing to ask for help or use the tools and give constructive feedback then don't keep complaining.

So: A vital program element is once we know what the core pillars of focus are in the language of your staff - loop back and ensure there is real accountability.

We either do it properly or not at all. ROI is what I call in my Mojo Academy - the Return on Courage to follow through. 
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#3 Don't Give Up!

Create the evidence. Micro Steps. Trust the process. But do not give in to the majority. All you need is for a few champions to lead from the front.

The ripple effect will occur.

If you let the low uptake and push back stop you from moving forward you will let a collective historical "safe zone" approach of old evidence reduce the results you could really achieve if you keep chipping away.

Don't just ask for feedback and throw your hands up when it's not what you want to hear. Take that onboard, engage your teams and workshop with them on what can be different. SHARED INTENT.

To get different we have to do different.

Consistently work at removing the 'us and them" mentality between a management and employees. It takes a village and as an employee your voice and actions matter.

When we ask for feedback in any program it is because we want to make it relevant - however that does not mean we hold back from showing a new way of doing things to elevate individual as well as collective results.

In Summary:

We don't need to be a manager, a CEO or 'leader' to receive training. Everyone deserves to have the tools to find their flow and learn the art of work/life blend and that stress is not the bi-product of work and success.

  1. Apply: We have to want to use what's provided though for it to work. If I had a $1 every time someone told me they are too busy or it's too much - but I know they haven't actually followed through yet... then I could have my own island somewhere. I'm sure you can relate :).
  2. Lean in: More often that not when you are the bearer of no excuses step up programs, you can be on the firing end of people's frustrations, blame, shame and guilt as a population we are stuck in the merry-go round of identifying what is wrong but not really stopping to take the 2 necessary steps to actually solve it. Curiosity + accountability.


Next week my 4th book goes into final draft and my very good friend asked me yesterday - omg why do you bother? I can't help it.

  • This work and the drive to get a self-leading, confident, happy interdependent society back in full force is far greater than just saying ‘whatever’.
  • It gets me out of bed every morning full of more and more conviction to actually be part of the change rather than feeding of an industry of short cut solutions.

Much like the diet industry (of which I know a lot as I ran a health and fitness business and was head trainer for a fitness magazine for over 4 years)...it is not the millions of ideas and solutions and tools, apps and information that is the issue.

I know all the clients I work with are investing in themselves and in their families and their staff to assist in creating a greater, stronger, brighter and happier now and future.

It’s time to stop pushing back and actually embrace all the opportunities that are available. An open mind and follow through is all it takes.


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As Tina Turner once said - you have a choice. Vale Tina. Your tenacity, talent and hard work was unparalleled. What an icon and an example of "no matter what".

As a global coach - I choose this work based on a sense of purpose that far outweighs convenience and need for accolades. I get the drive and vision my clients have and the genuine want they have for their teams and those around them to do well and be well.

The challenge is the willingness for more than a few to know that it is actually worth swapping out old habits for the new and that the key to unlock any kind of personal success (financial, career, personal, fitness, mindset or other...) is to focus on making your goals your reality.

I have one mission: That is to truly make a positive impact in this world so that good values-led people can do exceptionally well in life and we actually see the tools we have to break up with stress and overwhelm are right in front of us the whole time.

I’m sure you are doing your very best. Regardless of the title you have as you read this - there really is no THEM vs US. We all need to work together.

For more information or help ensuring you can amplify your results with the programs you are running please reach out.

Yours in Mojo






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