3 Steps to Stop Self Doubt, like a pro

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3 Steps to Stop Self Doubt 

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How to Overcome Self Doubt in 3 Steps

Welcome to Radical Reminders on how to keep your calm and stay grounded no matter what is going on around you.

Knowing difference between your ego and self and how to navigate that for a more positive sustainable successful life is all yours if you keep following the steps In this video you'll learn:

✔ 3 steps to overcome self doubt

✔ Why judgement of self and that of others has to be left alone and you must forge ahead regardless

✔ How to make time to sit down and write out the blurts so you are truly aware of the negative niggles

✔ What to do to ensure you can transmute anxiety and fear as a tool to propel you to take the next right step instead of staying stuck as you are afraid of the unknown To watch Your Ego is not Your Amigo Episode click here 

I use these exact 3 steps myself as strategies to overcome self doubt, push judgement aside and harness fear as energy to take action.

Here are the 3 steps to Overcome Self Doubt

1. Be aware of the subconscious voice holding you back. 

This weeks express session topic is the importance of overcoming that little niggly inner voice of self doubt, judgement and leaning into the new...'how to feel the fear and harness that as your energy to make things happen'

2. Be accountable to put the focus on the outcome you really want and don't fear of judgement stand in the way

I am sure the moment you read this - you will know exactly what it is that sits every week, month or year on your "TO HAVE AND DO LIST'" but you actually never quite crack the code to make it happen.

  • Maybe you've achieved it for a short period of time but you've never sustained it seamlessly as an integrated part of your work and personal life.
  • The goal, the wish, the idea, the feeling?

For this live topic on my private Facebook group (CLICK HERE TO JOIN) I asked the very same question, and gave some prompts/examples


  • Balancing time
  • Not meeting your fitness goals
  • Knowing your numbers
  • Finding the right staff
  • Feeling calm under any circumstance
  • Feeling supported
  • Connected to vision and flow

...and here's some more: Are any of these feelings and goals eluding you?

  • Consistent energy
  • Happiness as a normal state of being
  • Self confidence
  • Financial abundance and acumen
  • Love and a thriving partnership
  • Feeling connected to what you do all the time - even when it's super challenging

Self doubt 101: What's the one thing that constantly eludes you? 

Be hyper vigilant about your thoughts and actions:

If you REALLY want to design a life in flow and gratitude without exception - now is the time to stop deflecting and actually show up for yourself.

What are you avoiding?

3. Take action:  the NEXT right step. One action in the right direction without looking back - and see how the next gets revealed for you. 

Radical Honesty 

 Since we don't do hope projects here (you can read that verbatim as my motto in all 3 of my books...and it's in the Niktionary) let's get straight down to business: 

What I do know is that after years and years of multi-projecting, shiny object syndrome of doing a million things at once  -  and now truly achieving harmony, flow and connection in all areas of life -  I can tell you  - follow through matters.

Do not cannibalise your own happiness by avoiding the things you really need to look at. The fundamentals of radical self belief, when done with intent and practice,  result in effortless and sustainable success. 

You can make all the mood boards and manifestations and business plans you want = but if you don't get started and take the steps to follow through -  nothing is going to come to life.

So on to the focus today - where the rubber hits the road - Radical Reminder 4 of 21. Don't let self doubt stop you from your sustainable success.


I can tell you small habits create huge results. When we go and give a real hard look at the list of things we "want" so badly and the excuses we tell ourselves on why they have not occurred - you can see quite clearly the subconscious saboteur at play.

Stop numbing, detracting, deflecting and disagreeing with yourself. I dare you.

  • Choose ONE THING you really want to shift and hit reply to email me that - or write it down for yourself.
  • Then what is the VERY next thing you need to do to start making that happen.

Remember if not now, when?

If you're sitting safely reading and watching this video somewhere that is already a major tick of gratitude. As I wrote this Russia is/was at war with the Ukraine.

No matter what the 'reasons' war is NEVER something we ever want to see during our lifetime and the next generation. So as I write this I send with it the energy and and prayers to anyone who have families in the Ukraine and in Russia who are suffering terribly at recent events and to anyone who has experienced siege, fear, violence and war of any level in their countries.

I cannot fathom that despite our brazen claims of being "an intellectually superior race" -  man still chooses to opt for a path of destruction and terror over peace and collaboration.  have we learnt nothing!

This in itself is a whole other topic - more than a mere few lines of reflection in this week's Monday Mojo. So I will loop back on that another time.

Therefore: for those of us who are fortunate to be here - reading this, working on the best life possible - without fear of bombings and someone barging in to your front living room with an AK47 - I say there is no excuse. 

If witnessing these current world events doesn't fill you with the awareness to be present in your own life and harness the very best of it - I don't know what will.

#notowar Stop warring with yourself  - there is no battle in our heads when we are clear in our heart as to what really matters. 

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