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"25 years of working in businesses and for business globally  -  I have learnt the art of simplicity, ownership and relevance is truly the key to empowering teams".

- Nikki Fogden-Moore

Radical Self Belief Corporate Packages

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"She brings something very real to us"

She enables us to uncover a sense of ourselves, which we probably wouldn't get there on our own, and has enabled us to see in a sense of success and happiness, and sitting in their own space really comfortably.

Paul S.
Chairman in Real Estate

"Nikki, really, is one of a kind"

What I like about working with Nikki is she's very committed. She's passionate about what she does and everything she does for other people. She wants the people that she works with to succeed and she is committed and passionate about making sure that happens!

Lorna C.

"I'm gifting this to my leadership team"

My advice is do this course, read the book and do the work! Immediate results for me. Personally, I think it’s priced way too cheap. It’s been a game changer. I've gifted this to my team for Q4.

Rob H.

"Just terrific working with you [Nikki]"

I think you're a massive energy force, just terrific working with you. I liked that you understand the situation that entrepreneurs go through, both in business and in home.

Richard P.
Founder and Owner, Private Flight

"She genuinely cares"

Nikki has provided a very simple and straightforward pathway to re-align our thinking, leadership, and processes which will not only bring the mojo back but will gift each of our team members with a renewed focus on how we look at our own professional and personnel development.

Anthony O.
Managing Director, Savills Australia

"We appreciate your guidance"

We appreciate your feedback and I really certainly do appreciate the honest conversations that we get to have.

Marc D.
Business Owner and MD


"No (entrepreneurial) life or any kind of life should be filled with anxiety, overwhelm and depression.
You do not need to accept that as the flip side of success."

- Nikki Fogden-Moore, The Mojo Maker©


Nikki Fogden-Moore, known as the Mojo Maker©, specialises in Quantum Coaching for the world’s best leaders. She works with high performing men and women, together with established and emerging entrepreneurs, to guide them in their transformation from overwhelm to sustainable success.

Nikki's trademark Mojo Maker© framework ensures extraordinary leaders excel personally and professionally, regain their' mojo' and thrive with vitality, confidence, courage and conviction.

As a high performance expert, Nikki’s 25 years of experience working in both corporate and wellness arenas, allow her to elevate her intuitive and passionate life ethos to thrive in challenging, high pressure environments. Nikki’s proven set of highly accurate intuitive skills make her a remarkable coach and asset to clients in and out of the boardroom.