RSB166 Stop "Catastrophising" with Rebecca Saunders

Season #4 Episode #166

How to Stop “Catastrophising” with Video Ninja founder and 7 figure business owner Rebecca Saunders.  

How to remove resistance and step into your very best self at life and work without apology and fear of judgement.  

In this video we hear about Rebecca's very own personal journey from severe bullying at school to a journey of radical acceptance and self belief.   We cover off: 

✔️ How to find that absolute conviction for your value and skills 

✔️ Why those who really support you will always encourage you 

✔️ That once you learn to step into who you truly are the sky is the limit 

 ..and most importantly something both Rebecca and I have both experienced - when you wholeheartedly and unapologetically stop trying to FIT in and BE ALL in who you are with your unique gifts - that it when the magic really happens.  

✔️ Learn how to overcome self doubt 

✔️ Break free of judgement 

✔️ Follow your purpose   

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