RSB160 Financial Legacy With Julia Newbould

Season #4 Episode #160

Welcome to episode 160 on the show talking financial Legacy with the fabulous Julia Newbould. Managing Editor of Australia's Money Magazine.  

Julia shares her personal journey on the joy of cash flow, financial acuity and we chat about what financial legacy really means. Straight forward, engaging and thought provoking - especially if you've been through a divorce, have built a strong company and no one directly in line for the succession plan and what to do if you're over 45 on your own and when should we start thinking about the what happens after??

From wills to investments, foundations and touching on the fact that talking about what's next is so taboo it prevents us from enjoying the process of looking at what we create and the footprint and foundations we can leave behind for others.

Check out also my hot seat interview with Julia for Money Magazine here.

You can connect with Julia at and her book The Joy of Money - financial independence for women, is a fabulous direct and actionable read to get in the driver's seat of your financial foundations and success.

Stay tuned for the video interview that will also be available for this episode to watch here and via my YouTube channel.

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