RSB152 The Business of Mastering Self - Part 2

Season #4 Episode #152

"Working on yourself is something that used to be coined a 'luxury' and is now an absolutle necessity. In the second of a 3 part mini series I go into the next phase after agreeing to show up for yourself in part 1 - of what having awareness REALLY means.

You can't rush through the stages so it is imperative to cement the basics at each level of shifting our own paradigms to achieve true sustainable success.

1. Understanding the stories on repeat cycle and the triggers that keep you in a pattern

2. How to do the work and actually recognise what triggers occur and that they are there for you to reflect and reframe - that "seeing the patterns" is not enough. It's the tiny day to day and minute by minute habits we have that redefine a healthy mindset for true self-mastery

3. That in order to really evolve we have to be aware of ourselves - not try and control or preach to others. How and what do we react to, what is the better new response, the outdated stories and default statements we feed ourselves.

Being able to observe our own actions and the courage to acknowledge where we are actually holding ourselves back. Make sure you have listened to episode 150 on part 1 in this series and remember - happiness, health and wealth is an inside job. Nothing will change and grow unless you do. Don't forget for more tips and tools on this head to and sign up to Monday Mojo© for free worksheets and downloads. "